Compensation for crw lockout

So a few weeks ago a lot of people were locked out of the game for crw. I saw @JB.Scopely say they were going to compensate those players. Yet those people in my faction haven’t got anything yet. Anyone else that hasn’t gotten anything yet?


Because that would be the right thing to do.
But we feel going a different direction will be best going forward.

Keep surviving.


Why on earth would anyone want war tokens for that wheel? You must be the one dreaming. And no, I thought there was some kind of compensation for the people that were locked out. Not stuff that everyone got.

They sent out the free war milestone rewards to everyone with the 50k milestone and under as compensation.


Ahh ok thanks, that makes sense. Think my teammates may have hit the 50k before the lockout struck for the rest of the weekend.

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JB said there would be additional compensation to people who were locked out of the entire war. He posted that in the old jb chat. The people I know who were locked out of the entire war have not received any additional compensation to date.


Thanks! I thought I had read that somewhere but couldn’t find it anymore. Was in the nuked room lol

Here is a smelling salt and a flashgrenade as compensation keep surviving

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Gee that is so original, never heard that one before :roll_eyes:

I was locked out got nothing but some whisperers masks broken lucilles and bloody bandages after the piper event ended they still sitting in my inbox until they expire but again nothing much expected from a company that fails to deliver common sense and keep pumping us with incompetency after another
Someone tag the “take it to the team” guy


Thats probably why the chat got nuked hahaha…Because he made promises before talking to his bosses maybe​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: I was locked out 3,5 days and got only the same shitty rewards like everyone else.

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