Compansation for token event


I got 100 Lucille tokens as a compansation for the troubles with the token event yesterday.

A single pull for all those troubles are just terrible.
It was so bad that I put those bad memories in a place where I can’t find them again.
Can anyone please remind me what happened? I have yet to find someone else that had the same troubles and got compensated for it.


What troubles are we talking about?


I have no clue. I just know I got compensated for it, and are a little curious why. Especially after no one in my region chat got the compansation.


Prolly dedicated enough😄


No compensation here


If you’re going to do a troll imitation can you atleast do it right? OP didn’t even ask for compensation. :joy:

I bet you consider yourself a professional… embarrassing :pensive:



Lol who tf is this R18 guy ? He seem like the ultimate flag collector.


When the token wheel Starts it shows up “incrased chances on epic shiva” simple text error but there is no shiva on the wheel. Now scopely starts to compensate some players for this i hope all players will get it :wink: