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As I stated in the beginning, learning the ins and outs of the game is important to me and something I am passionate about doing.

It’s been crazy ramping up on this end, creating new process, staying up to date with the day-to-day. This week has been the first week I have a bit more time to dive into the game and really set aside time to play (aside from falling asleep with my phone in my hand at the end of the day.) I don’t want to keep up my habits of only raiding / levelling / playing road maps, etc.

I want to learn more outside of the work day & I would love to learn straight from you, the community!

If any brave souls are willing to help me on my mission – please PM me! I’d love to setup a PM chat and learn the ropes!

Also, shoutout to the community-created video content that has gotten me this far! I am realizing that some of the videos are a bit too deep for me to grasp since I’m a bit behind – looking forward to being on your level in the future!

Thank you everyone for putting up with me and my memes! Your patience is much appreciated!

Kindest regards,


Feel free to PM me with all the questions you have:) feel i know this game more then well enough to answer em:)


Thank you Propain!


Likewise, willing to help with questions.


Same here



Those charts are a big part of what’s used for ideal team building, weapons crafting. Also, if you don’t have a shield then a command is pretty much must have for a defense team, which you always want in the 5th slot because theoretically the attack order follows the slotting and a command can’t use command if they attacked first, so you want them to go last as much as possible. Ascending blue 4*s is the best way to fish for a currently strong ascendable, blue siddiq, that also gives you a command. @kalishane


Also, try to avoid putting 2 of the same color in a line, so they can’t both get smashed by a line attack they are vulnerable to, shields always belong on a side, not the middle. And just level a house and then burn 5 minutes to convert it into a max level armory when ready, saves a few million wood and a couple weeks build time @kalishane


If you use Line, pm me at Shadax444. Whatever wuestions you have or info you need, if I dont know it I got several friends in my server who do.


omg! Thank you! I didn’t know this and it makes perfect sense!


Another thing…dont display your new surprises on raids. Rep is near meaningless except as a bragging right ao always hide a war team you havent shown on full glory so it stays a surprise.


I’m sorry Shane for my post. That wasn’t the right thing to reply

I will tell you my way this time. Usually I take hour breaks in between play sessions, but at least make sure I get my required things done first. :slight_smile:


What are you struggling with right now?


If you use a retribution specialist on defense, put them in the same row as the shield.


I’m struggling the most with what teams are best in what situations.

I can normally tell a good character from a meh one.

Armory was explained a bit to me by one of the designers but I need to learn more with that, probably starting with Justa’s videos!

I’ve been listening to a few but I might be too n00b to know what I should do with what I have so far.

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