Community more supportive than Scopely

It’s become clear in recent times that the community is really pulling together to make the game enjoyable for ourselves. I guess our hands have been forced, due to the blatant lack of support from the developers themselves. Just look at how we help one another:

  • The current #playerunited movement. A massive kudos to the organisers and everyone who has gotten on board.
  • The entire playerbase coming together for the ‘coingate’ scandal. That was truly epic! The lack of avenues we have to access premium toons enabled a lot more players to develop their rosters than would usually have been able.
  • Entire servers dropping defences to enable everyone to reach otherwise gruelling milestones for terrible rewards during raid events.
  • Server territory agreements to counter the permanently ignored glitches
  • Players offering game support on the forums and other social media platforms, basically doing Scopely’s job for them
  • Relaying information provided by the CM on line to the wider forum community because he can’t possibly post the same message in two places

Despite the company’s clear apathy towards its customers, it’s times like this I remember why I play the game. Big love to all of you :heartbeat:


great post…but we need to stay on track and not keep starting multiple

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Thanks. I considered this to be a topic in its own right, as it’s about the community in general and not specifically about the #playersunited movement. Although, of course, that was the influence that promoted me to write the post.

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Great post

best community event was skullgate…for a few hours we showed our togetherness. id love that on a weekly/monthy basis.

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Agreed from top facs down was a coordinated effort and was refreshing to see

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I’ve run out of my heart allowance but here is one for ya :purple_heart:


lol…loor…send it me in Gc

Okay :stuck_out_tongue:

#PlayersUnited :muscle: strong!

I just don’t understand why try to stop something that’s gonna help you?

Don’t feed the troll…

I don’t understand why players have to fl@g comments. Just stop it already. It doesn’t help anything. Let them speak.


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