Communication - should be easiest promise

Communication - We will continue to evolve and improve our player communication strategy to ensure players know what’s coming.

Where is war this weekend?
Why was hordes removed?
Why cant we see opponents in roadmaps?
How are the ongoing thing about surplus of collectables?
When can we transfer?
Where is announcment of TOC ending?
Is weekly mission faction goner now, no annoucment here?
When will red kites come back?

Or do i need to post in banes post to get answers?


You tell ‘em Raz!

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communication involves work and thinking, something these people don’t do

I’m talking about u @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely

let’s see how long it takes for u to think about how I’m dissing u in this post and u work to remove and get rid of it

no half baked cookies here jb it’s full on br0


Hi @Tsarraz

As you point out, there are quite a few moving parts these days - I’ll try to answer of few of those you listed.

War Weekend
It was removed, mostly due to Labor Day ahead, and based on popular feedback upon those big holidays, a break is offered. The rationale is also reinforced with recent wars that were plentiful (ToC + CRWs)

Walker Hordes
In light of last time around’s crashes, we do not feel yet 100% confident to run it smoothly and are doing further checks on the feature before it makes a come back. The fix is in place for it, and our QA department would like to run additional tests to make sure the next time we run this event, it does run smoothly. It will be back.

Region Transfer
We’re gearing up for a related announcement on this front, as we’re ironing out the final details of what will be Region Transfers V2. I will be holding a touch more before passing along the fine prints on this, and expect to do so in the first half of September. Thanks for bearing with us on this one, as we know how critical and appreciated this feature is to promote social play.

As I hinted recently, those new collectibles shall not be lost, and we will introduce ways of re-utilising them, or convert them. A broader communications shall be issued on this in the near future.

Weekly Faction Missions
The feature had a few early quirks since its inception in the game, and we’ll take it to the garage to iron out a few persisting issues we’ve witnessed, notably, the fact that it doesn’t keep count of players and factions progress at times.

Kites & Flags
I know many players reach out to claim there needs to be additional Kites and Flags to finish up levelling their Dual Specialist characters. Those shall be offered down the line, as we’ve not forgotten about Dual Specialists just yet!

I hope these help, and will strive to complement those statements, and tackle the outstanding questions you may have, when we have the full details ready to be communicated to our players.


First half of September?>??? piss off people want to move now not nearing end of September

regions are dying people cant fill spots people getting sick of waiting


Only for ToC regions which are the minority

Hmmm…are arenas and territories running smoothly?

Right, communicate info after museum ends


Whos feedback?
Noone have said that anywhere?
Maybe the 8 regions in TOC but 120 others then?

And was no pause in wars on 1 of may when euro celebrate labor day?


The feedback is coming from their product managers who would rather eat pancakes and push out another promo…


My jaw just dropped. You got a reply. Holy cow.

Seems their hands weren’t held back by Scopely after all.

Completely in agreement that communication should be the easiest promise to implement.


Was beouse i threaten to post in banes post

omg u are alive and posting
I’ll call off the search party

why didn’t I post in line and screen shot


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crazy hey
I reckon someone hacked into the system

no way jb would post here and not on line

I reckon the forum got hacked, change it passwords people

Wait, imma pop my tinfoil hat :wink:


the general feedback is that scopely should give everyone 100k coins

everyone post this to jb and let’s see if it happens

my feedback is everyone gets 100k coins

I aint waiting till end of September to move fuck that

This is a “conservative ETA”, as I do not want to be misleading here.
We hope for a faster turnaround on this front. Will keep you posted.


Thats one thing we heard many time but never do

There’s only ever a faster turnaround if it affects promos or coins… anything else is a slower turnaround!


How many votes do we need to get for Scopely to run war this weekend?? I bet we would get those votes…


DEV team need there holiday and we cant have a event without mistakes so they need to be on call.
Easy as that