Communication seem to be the hardest PROMISE

Difference to Scopely i take promises serious
And after talking to JB in leader chat, and he suggested i talk in forum instead.
Why do never Scopely answer anything in forum?
What is then the point?
Examples on non answers in forum thats surface:

  • How will woc preliminaries scores show, and why are they not doing that now when event started
  • Is it the point that the new Daily SR should be so hard
  • The new SR supply make everything more expensive when the communication was the other way around
  • Will we ever have new hordes event, we got a horde refill in lvl up last stage
  • Why is toplist wrong
  • Why is milestone for leauge points wrong, i have 1.5 mill points but miss 78k to 800k milestone WTF?
  • Why are we only getting 6v6 wars?
  • Why always forget newest s-class from velvet cake collection?
  • Why call package of gamblecoins for coin sale, is forbidden by law in euro to call stuff sale when no discount.

I can add 200 points more that Scopely deny or just dont give rotten tomato about and just hope noone ever read or follow up.


Scopely has communicated about this. Please leave feedback here: Survival Road Feedback [10/16]


Scopely process of communication -

Ask JB on Line -> Go to Forum -> Ask on Forum -> Go to Support -> Ask Support -> Sent back to Forum :laughing:


Communication about this is here:


Leagues toplist? Faction or individual? Have you reported to support?

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Such disparate questions really should be separate posts. Any discussion here is either going to end up a mishmash of a dozen different things or focus will be on one or two points and the others will be lost :confused:


Did you level up through the milestones in question with Veteran rings at the time? There is a bug that means it doesn’t activate the milestone reward if you used vet rings to pass that milestone.

And SUPPORT has been really good about compensating when this happens.

of course i have they took it to the team three weeks ago
And all toplists

Nope me no rings
And i dont talk lvl up i talk leauge points and milestones there.
Is leaugestore tokens there

You still believe anything coming from JB, even if he were to answer anything :man_facepalming:


Nope it just wanted to legitim the claim that i try everything to get answers and Scopely CM himself said i should come here to demand answers.
So now i try this becouse they said it.

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As someone else here said, then you come here and they tell you to go somewhere else lololol.

Just take everything as a joke, the forums, the game, the staff, the community, scopely, take it all as a joke and be crazy, it’s a lot more fun cause that is what this all is, a joke.


The theme is however extremely valid.

Lots of unresolved issues and they leave yourself to do all the work.

Better communication was a “promise.”
Having you (a volunteer) raise your effort level shouldn’t be the response.


I have taken every question from other unanswered threads from the forum
But i havnt linked them will do that for you next time, becouse i see no improvement in this what so ever

This is what i mean is wrong with milestones in leauge

Only missin 700k

Tbf though, if they were posted as separate posts, it would be very unlikely that they would get answered anyway, and some forum users would complain that he/she is creating too many posts.
At least here it’s all laid bare. Whether they don’t get answered in 10 separate posts or whether they don’t get answered in 1 amalgamated post is the same result at the end of the day, just means it’s condensed into one spot.


You did, my bad, I didn’t pay enough attention.

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I agree with the OP that Scopely communication just keeps getting worse. They aren’t asking for someone to direct them to “answers” that in general aren’t answers but just more gobbly gook. I’m sure we could help the op with making a long list of failed communication areas but most of us don’t need to be convinced of this. All you have to do is see that the little communication we get is not from Scopely but from a very small group of players that evidently do get communicated with. Yes, you can see more (maybe) posts from Scopely but in general they don’t answer the questions asked in response to their post … they are more like press releases. And they sometimes get edited to say something different without any notification of the edits. Clear communication and prompt answers to questions from Scopely would reduce frustration in the player community, everyone knows this concept and Scopely even promised to do it and then made no attempt to do so. There has to be a reason for this business decision.


Think the main point here is that communication overall is appalling for a company that made it their promise to communicate more.

• 3 days later info about transfer issues is just bad
• Still no updates on transfer issues that some regions had with regards to not even being given the option to transfer.
• Inconsistent and sporadic information I. E. You go here now u go there, now u should do this, now u should do that. We r customers, customers shouldn’t have to always be chasing down information or solutions to errors, just to be ignored or condasended too ( e.g. Customers being called salty by a employee of Scopely)
• Customers provide feedback but there is no acknowledgement of it at all, no engagement, no asking customers further questions.

I’ve worked for companies where there is always someone there dedicated and ready to answer customers questions or investigate on behalf of them via multiple social media’s. That’s a basic function you do as a business.

Sick and tired of Customers being made out to be the bad guy just because the have a question or a genuine concern and being belittled or just blanked… Customers shouldn’t be made to feel this way and that if they are responded to then they should feel privileged