Communication On Weekends


This may have been brought up a few times earlier, but I think it bears repetition. Since most of the events (tournaments) happen on the weekends, it would be a smart move to have at least one Scopely representative available to respond to and relay to the “Powers-That-Be” the players’ questions and concerns especially if there are any bugs, glitches or malfunctioning aspects of the game that would imply repercussions on the on-going events.

I am not privy to the inner workings of how Scopely management schedules work shifts but from the lack of response on the forums noted on weekends, it would seem that not many, if any, are on-site to monitor the events. Perhaps even employees taking turns in switching a weekday work day to a scheduled day during the weekend to address this would go a long way towards the betterment of the game. Again, I’m only offering feedback based on my own personal perception and this is in no way a criticism of anyone, rather a suggestion that might help improve everyone’s experience.

I’m not saying that the players expect the Scopely employees to work 24/7 but having at least a skeleton crew scheduled to mind the ship during weekend events would serve to improve the communication between the players and the game developers, as well as the general enjoyment of the game. I can only speak for myself but I find it extremely annoying if I encounter a bug in the game that affects my performance negatively in any weekend event and more often than not, this “feedback” would not make its way to the development team until the event is over, on the nearest weekday.

In a perfect situation, the game and the events would run 100% problem-free but unfortunately, in most cases they don’t. I understand the amount of planning and task-delegation involved in any live game but surely a solution can be found?

TL;DR: Weekend tournaments tend to be the “heavier” events and having a weekend staff to support the players in case problems affecting these events arise would go a long way to instil some goodwill from many of us.

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I agree.


I guess staff already working on weekends but the issue is kalishane is not. We need a 2nd cm for weekends or take turns with her.


It’s almost like they can’t log in on the forums when they’re at home.


I agree. From Friday evening to Monday no one addresses anything on forum. Having a team on the weekend to address any issues should be considered.


Yes, the important thing is to remember that for most employees, this is a job and it would be silly to expect them to devote their free time to it, hence my suggestion of having a weekend crew or representative for communication purposes. I don’t expect Kalishane or anyone else to log on to address the forums during the weekend if their working days are Monday-Friday. Quite the opposite, in fact. Everyone needs their rest so that they can come back to work feeling recharged.

Having said that, it would be nice to have an open line of communication even on the weekends, especially if it’s a cross-region war weekend or such and if the prizes are good (hey, one can hope for this in the near future, lol) to address any issues that might pop up during these weekends. A weekend representative of some sort. If there is already someone lurking on the forums now then I do apologise, but perhaps making their presence known would help make us feel better taken care of. :slight_smile:


Lets just keep the weekends just how it is. It’s so refreshing and we are able to post our frustrations and quit threads before they’re deleted on Monday. Guess you can call this: Free Speech Weekends :laughing:


This exactly


What are you expecting to get for additional information?

A response to a bug, are you expecting it to be fixed instantly?

A response to a design question, are you expecting any more than we’ve already been giving (good or bad)?

Given the engagement level on Scopely’d side, I don’t think a second body would do anything other than just moderate.


True that. All the most entertaining posts occur on the weekends :wink:


+1 for no babysitter on weekends. Better tournaments would be nice tho


Lol, you must be new here.


Monday through Sunday nothing gets addressed in the forums. I’m actually happy for the weekends because the truth can be said, and it lives until Monday when they return to kill everything. Sorry truth you had a short life! RIP…

Sorry combatguys, y’all are awesome and not included in the above statement :+1:


Hey guys, I don’t think the point of my suggestion regarding this is coming across as I intended it to and that’s solely on me. :slight_smile: I meant that quite a few of us would like to still be able to communicate with the combat specialists or some of the game developers who can quickly action a bug or glitch or anything that might be malfunctioning in the mechanics during the weekends, as these might cause us to lose resources. Case in point, the 0 health bug in raids that have caused people to lose in raids when they would have won had the bug not been there. These losses amount to a few raid cans for some.

I am not suggesting an extra forum moderator on the weekends, rather, a somewhat direct line to someone who can action these annoyances.


They could even have a couple people who work from home to check in the forums over the weekend and night shift