Communication, AGAIN

Scopely, you had improved somewhat on the communication for a while there. It seems to have dropped off again.

  1. Why do we have 2 new toons in the tower but no information about them? When are they obtainable? How are they obtainable?
  2. Why does one of these toons, Princess, have “tbd” information AGAIN.
  3. Why do we have a new stash but no information on it? Will it be strictly P2P?

Giving us information prior to releases goes a long way. Right now my chats are full of “more of the same from Scopely then”.




Im just gonna say this one last time. Ever since scopely got exposed from that venturebeat. I feel like they turned into full greedy baggards since

  1. Communication is down alot.
  2. Releasing shit we never asked or wanted
  3. Just quietness.
    Scopely probably too busy on how they got exposed and how Higher ups are eat them up.

That or Scopely are ■■■■■■■ quiet greedy cunts


They arent always going to release stuff you want or ask for that’s a ridiculous thing to even think. But I 100% agree like I said in another post this crap of releasing stuff then announcing it afterward is a joke. Marvel Strike Force uses their blog to tell you what’s coming and how it will work weeks in advance. So it either becomes they are way better at their jobs than Scopely or Scopely just flat out doesnt care about the player


Funny rts had a blog started just for this purpose…but no update on it


More of the same. Take it to the team guys.

@FixUpLookSharp - I agree that we should communicate in advance before releasing new features or events or characters within our game. And that’s what should have been done for point 3 as this new Stach has been made available without prior information

For points 2 and 1, there has been an issue with this content being available for a short amount of time and this has raised a lot of questions and again frustration within the community. This content is not available anymore but I will have more information to share about them really soon.



What is wrong with this? I’d rather see new toons in the tower rather than vk leaks. Some people just complain to complain


Horrible look at the suppression that they already got on here I was less than five minutes making a post saying that these guys are criminals

Thanks for acknowledging @GR.Scopely

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I think you’re confusing GR and JB.

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It’s not a complaint to just complain. It’s about information about a product. Sure, it’s great to know a product exists, but it’d be like looking at a poster on the street advertising a pair of shoes but not saying where they’re available from. Then finding out they’re not. Take your snipes elsewhere please

Good call.
Rage rant.

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This happens literally every advertisement. New shoes, new clothes, beer and alcohol advertising never say where you can get it, it only advertises the product.

But you have already complained to those companies, haven’t you?


Thats not JB.

I agree, i would rather see all the toons ever in the tower than not know whats coming.

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This lol…made me smile.


The point is, they were in the tower so there’s an expectation they’re available or soon to be available so there’s an expectation level that they’re available. Scopely had been doing well at telling us what was coming - the communication had improved. Then with this it seemed like 2 steps back. But I love that you are arguing the point when even Scopely has conceded it was error. But please, do carry on trying to be right

You act like this is your first time playing the game. :man_facepalming: Omfg

Something shows up in the tower… guess what… it’s for sale soon.

Heaven forbid there is an early preview or a little while for you to look at it and contemplate the purchase… nah you prefer vk leeks instead of characters in the game early :+1::point_up::thinking::man_facepalming:

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Thank you for your evaluation. Away back under your bridge you go.

Title Communication is everything, every other game I play I.e Marvel you have a minimum heads up of a week with full information, it’s nice to see GR responding🤗 we know where the problem lies, squarely at Scopely’s door

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