Commonwealth Memories Discussion Thread

Hey all! Please let us know what you think of the Commonwealth Memories event here!


Surely everyone has those toons by now?


You guys couldn’t have picked slightly rarer toons? If people don’t have these characters yet something is seriously wrong.

But hey big effort right? :confused:


I only have Priya from tha list lol. I’ll take an Aarav I guess!

I dont have aarav or laopo yet. I imagine others also prioritized other toons to.

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There has to be a balance between spenders and f2p tho, spenders would likely have multiple of those toons, or at least all plus multiple of some. Kinda pointless for them


So, the only way to get encyclopedia pages is to buy them?? If true, then factions have to depend on their spenders to get the mission completed.


Yes that’s how I see it, and why will they spend with toons they already have makes no sense at all


I don’t need/want the 6*s or the S-Class cards so I guess I can sit this one out.

Bizarre to have such poor rewards for an event which for the most part relies on purchases.


Why not extend the list of the toons in the choice box.
Even if you make it less cards for the more recent toons. I am sure players will appreciate it

Only thing that is standing out on this is trainers. Rest is meh !


Yeah if you gotta purchase with actual cash, given how aged the toons are on offer, i doubt this event will get any traction whatsoever

I’m confused, it reads like 1 person has to collect 1 page for everyone to hit the first milestone, but the first milestone needs 5 pages. So does 1 person collecting 1 page give everyone a page? But then you’d hit a bunch more milestones? Maybe I’m reading it wrong. But meh


Unfair that the roadmap goes all the way up to S18. Can’t you make it available for everyone of all grades? I only go up to S15 and my sister’s on S10, she sure is going be be disappointed that she can’t play the roadmap for God’s sake. At this rate you’re only helping the players who don’t need help. I can buy the 100 encyclopedia bundle but can’t complete most of the roadmap are you joking???


I think it’s a “ok” event for a single week duration. Will help rookie players to achieve old, but very useful toons like Priya (still the most powerful toon in the game with the right combo) and Aarav. For veterans the trainers will help as well with so many 6* versions of promos to level up.

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Seems highly misjudged, but I guess I’ll see

Team grade it’s only a number. There is so many weak teams ranked with S17 or higher but poor built. If they enable item usage just take defense down and attack up for the win.

But Scopely always make these S18 teams with a Shane, Trader, Imani and OP weapons.


@Parker does the pc get to make any suggestions for toons for events like this? If not can you guys at least ask why they keep putting the same toons in rotation.


Horrible rewards. You won’t get your spenders spending for this, which means the ones that actually need these toons won’t be getting them.

What’s worse is that transfers are continuously being begged for, but in response you lock us in factions for this for a week.


More often than not no. Certainly not for this. I think we’d have wanted a few newer mixed in there. Spenders don’t need these toons yet it looks like you need spenders to take part…