Commonwealth event - free encyclopedia pages

I have purchased one of the tickets for the event, but as of yet i have yet to see any of these free encyclopedia pages, they mentioned in the event overview. Just don’t mention it, if you aren’t going to stick to following through with it, just say the event is pay to play from the beginning.


It doesn’t say that the pages are free. It says if one person in your faction buys 5 pages then everyone will get 20 tickets.

You are not required to make a purchase but someone in your faction has to in order for anyone to get tickets. No part of this event is free for everyone.

The confusing part is where they say they’ve “bundled in some encyclopedia pages for free” but the free pages are part of offers for other items you have to purchase.


It’s a false statement


Well it’s misleading rather than false. It’s a tactic many companies use, implying you’re getting something “free” as part of an offer, when really the cost includes those items.

But nowhere does it say this is a free event. It says that the missions are completed through purchases.

Some people have got lucky and have spenders in their faction who have bankrolled this event for them. For those people it is free. But the event is not.


Ah in that case i misread it, as i thought they would offer free encyclopedia’s like they do banners.


It is worded confusingly. Took me a couple of attempts to understand it lol


It does seem that i am not the only one who was confused by what they said.


This is the only pack that doesn’t have a ticket on it so far that also had the encyclopedia thingys in it.

It is not advertised as “if you purchase this you get 20 pages for free!”

It’s advertised as you get these 5 items for that price.

Hence why it’s false. If your advising your customers that it’s free in offers then advertise it that way. Cos as a lay persons objectively, I see the offer above and see I’m specifically purchasing 5 times for a price not 4 items and getting additional papers for free.

And the pricing doesn’t match up either :

Comparing the pricing of 20 3* trainers, 20 gold salvage tokens 10 world energies and 1k prestige points for £18.49 to the Anniversary offer above where u get x10 5* trainers, x20 4* trainers, x 20 3* trainers, 60 cakes and 20 banners and 750 prestige points for £13.49. About £5 quid cheaper

It shows that the Memory pack is attributing value to the papers and that it’s not an additional free bonus.

I think majority understand that it’s not a free event or a f2p event, hence why they aren’t participating it in. Fac events shouldn’t only be p2p events… faction events should be where a faction comes together to complete set goals. It can have the addition of a p2p element, but it shouldn’t be exclusive, and rewards should offer enough variety so it appeals to f2p casual and p2p

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I think this event was horribly explained. A lot of people saw the free and thought there would be some pages available.

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I viewed those offers differently so it all depends on your perspective I guess, but at the end of the day they all include the item and it’s up to the customer to decide which offer is the best value to them.

I don’t disagree that faction events shouldn’t be p2p. It stinks. I especially dislike the fact that a few people or even one person can pay for the entire faction and that the mission shows you who has contributed and who hasn’t. I was happy to sit this crapfest out but faction members have bought pages and now I feel like I haven’t really earned the rewards and I don’t like that.
I could take the moral high ground and not use the tickets but who does that benefit? This whole event makes me feel a bit uncomfortable tbh.


For event to require faction mates to make purchases to compete in it is just tacky.
I mean it just feels weird looking at the mission tab and seeing who is spending and who isn’t. … feels like an invasion of privacy.


It comes from an objective view, seeing advertisements and working in industries where you have to get what your offering correct or trading standards comes a knocking.

But your right, and it’s a shame. It’s not only a poor event but an invasive and is indirect peer pressure as some ppl may purchase, however much the faction may agree that they aren’t forced out purchase. If it means everyone can finish a stage or an act or a roadmap, your going to feel like u owe those ppl something who spent or if I just spend everyone can complete xy or z
… it’s really really bad


depends on the faction, our faction is not like that in any way. People in our faction straight up said they weren’t going to purchase any of the tickets and the rest of us understood completely. I myself wasn’t going to do it but i wanted to get closer to s class aarav, so it was a personal choice and not something that i felt pressured into purchasing the offers.

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But some ppl may feel like they need to now. I’ve seen it in my own faction happening already and now I feel a way about it as well… if I spent then everyone could get further along still. It’s some ppls human nature. It’s not right

I understand the discomfort of it to an certain extent, but anyone that makes you feel like shit for not wanting to spend money to complete an event is inconsiderate.


It’s not anyone faction are amazing, we aren’t like that and never would be. It’s urself that feels like that cos u want to help ur faction mates and if one or 2 chose to spend, u feel in urself like u should so everyone can complete an act to get final rewards or be able to finish a roadmap cos they r gonna have some tickets left over. U start questioning and be like go on and that’s unfair for Scopely to put its customers into that position

As a business graduate, i fully understand why scopely does the shit it does, however i see the frustration of customers in this manner more than i agree with the business aspect. Scopely, could have avoided this by simply being clearer when explaining the event.

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An event like this that is a faction event shouldn’t exist in the way it does.

Should have levels of achievement, team work etc then if ppl want that little extra, put a spending element in it but not completely dependent on it

It’s very dirty way of extracting cash, unethical.

But now transfers has come up everyone is going to forget about this. Convenient

Yes they could have been clearer, but as they have shown in previous “got ya” promotions, it’s the way they do business.
I fully understood from the beginning that it was a P2W event.
Forwarded the information to my faction as such.
So there was no misunderstanding there.
However, I do agree that as a faction P2W event or promotion is all wrong.
In the real world I would stay clear of companies using these tactics all together. But cyber world is different & we have absolutely no control or protection as consumers. One day maybe there will be a set of fundamental base rules protecting consumers, but that is not today.

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Not that i disagree with anything you just said, at the moment as you mentioned there is no law stating online games have to promote their stuff correctly no matter what that is, which is why games never look like as they are described/shown in advertisements.

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