Commando Maggie

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They still have a few days

they said mid-october
now is late-october hahahah


Maggie going commando sounds good


Kinky :wink::wink::wink:

Gross (7 Candy Corn)

This post hasn’t been edited, not once was mid October mentioned. That’s someone posting mid October and everyone taking it for gospel that didn’t read this post:

She already outdated anyway, unless she is a reviving decap shield toon

commando… as in commando briefs?? will she be censored??

Except when Mid October was mentioned in this post

But Scopely later on changed it to the end of October in another post


Lol ouch to @Phoenix :rofl:


Commando mode.

guys, in portuguese the name is commando, sorry if I don’t know how is it in english ahahhaha


Season 2 Maggie :+1:

Those bastards!

Thought for sure she would be in Halloween event… I’m skeptical they will release her before the 31st now. How sad.

I don’t mind being torched by facts lol

She’ll be the season ascendable

the 2nd one i hope. I guess we find out more soon. I already have her. I want JB an GR in the season store tbh. We need a strong Red decap, and a Yellow Life Steal

You can get a Burt or Red Velvet cake instead! Happy days!