Command toon glitch really annoying!

Teams running command toons that command a rush from a 6* straight away is beginning to annoy me, we all know that an ar rush can only be triggered once the ar is built up. So why does it command an ar rush straight away on an untouched 6*? Like 2 commands in a row and ur team is heavily depleted and u have no chance of winning… or is there something in this command I don’t know about. Namely talking Glenn 6* doing the command. I have command toons but it doesn’t work like it does when facing the AI… waiting for the ‘get good’ comments…

Which toon did he command? Who was the leader of that team?

45ap and quicker can do a rush on first turn if they have the right weapon and leader. (I think even higher, but we dont have toons with a rush between 45 and 58 ap)Its because the defending team gets 40% of the max ap at the first turn. This is to compensate that the attacker attacks first


Everytime I face him in a team he commands, noticed it more in last raid event and seems to have just become the norm when I’m raiding now, last one was Mira lead, he commanded ty straight off killing 2 of my toons… then he commanded Mira which stunned my last 3, then he commanded Shiva… . Game over

Ah ok so that would make a bit of sense, I didn’t know that so thank you :slight_smile:

Hmm… sounds fishy… the only way a 6 can go off with my limited knowledge is if a 66ap yellow toon with rtp rick lead attacks once and is commanded in a 4 yellow all with +8%ap weapons + glenn defense team

I’ve seen this too, command Glenn commanding Shiva to rush on turn 1.

Thought I was imagining it 1st time, but happened several times now.


Now that i write it, i think the percentage of 40% was applied on the first made attack points, so not based on the chars maxed ap. So its not normal to command a 6* tyreese on first turn as he has an AP of 85. With mirabelle lead, he should be able to rush at 3rd turn max (if u dont touch him)

No bonus to ap from lead skill: 0 ap
Huge bonus on weapon= 10 ap
Normal ap gain per attack= 20 ap
Bonus of ap on first turn = 30*1,40 = 42 ap

So the first turn he makes 42ap, evert turn after 30 ap. Meaning with command, he could rush on his 3rd turn.

Show us proof of this (video) because it seems impossible that a Tyreese could rush T1.
With 2 yellow 8% weapon, he could only be commanded T2.

In the end ofcourse it is legimately possible to command any char on the first turn. If you run a team with all giving 20%ap bonus on first turn (blue bonus weapons). Not sure if they fixed it, but the description says ‘to a random char’, but their was a glitch that it always gave the bonus to the 5th char on ur team. Meaning you could let any strong char rush on first turn. To counter this problem in the past, i always killed the 5th char on their team first. The team setup is a mirrorred version of your own

Mochi will go and raid now it won’t take long to get proof of it

It happens with siddiq also so not just glenn, more often than not though it is glenn causing the issue

After it happens, maybe you can show their weapons in the same vid. In case u didnt know: u see the weapons if you hold your finger on the char

Dont attack Shiva then and help boost it’s AR

Didn’t attack Shiva, that’s the point.

Hard to troubleshoot when there is no evidence (sorry couldn’t find a better word). Needs pics of the leader / weapons etc.

Don’t remember the leader, tbh if there’s not a raid event on I don’t raid. Can’t be bothered with it. Only noticed it in the faction raid recently.

Happened several times, may have been the same team each time. I don’t honestly know & I didn’t check weapons so can’t honestly say it’s couldn’t have been a weapon special stat but I’m fairly sure they were all strong toons.

Still won the raids so not overly bothered.

If you check a defensive and “untouched” toon AP after your first attack you can note the following (no lead with AP):

  • 66AP Shiva with huge AP when attacking weapon: 42/66, this means she gets 12AP bonus at the start (equal to 18%)
  • 76AP toon with very large AP when attacking weapon: 40/76, this mean he gets 12AP bonus at the start (equal to 15.7%)
  • 76AP toon with huge AP when attacking weapon: 42/76, this mean he gets 12AP bonus at the start (equal to 15.7%)

So it looks something has been changed from % related bonus to a fixed 12AP bonus.
In any case a 66AP toon the next turn can be commanded and rush.
I tested this with friendly raid and checked with holding on toon to see how much AP it got.

No you’re wrong its not fixed. Its based of the ap build on the first attack. Shiva with huge bonus without lead skill gets a 40% bonus on that first attack. So 30*1,4 = 42ap

See my post above and added to it:
Char with very large bonus without lead skill build 28. 28*1,4 = 40,6