Command rick or Bide Rosita from battle pass?

I’m thinking Rick because as cool as Bide is, I think Rick may be more of a universal fit than Rosie is.


Rick all the way


Definitely go with rick

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Aye you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head in your OP - Rick! Plus immediate access to an 8%

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Impossible for f2p to choose rick instead rosita,

and i choose rosita

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You should go aHEAD for Rick.

I have no idea what you mean lol

Rosita’s Death on comics.

OK thought you meant I should give Rick head


Choose wrong :persevere:

F2p should always think and choose toons for attack, only way to improve since you got nothing defending


I think hes the kind that would be pretty appreciative if you did.

I went rosita as I got Rick on a 10 pull :stuck_out_tongue: but a second Rick was tempting

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Rick is optimal. Rosita can be a nuisance on def of not properly controlled

Damn lucky bastard! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Haha :slight_smile: my luck has ended, got 8k coins from an offer and not even 5* axel :frowning:

Poor you :roll_eyes:


S class or not worth it. 50% stun resist is received by mods and it doesn’t stack

Why not both lol

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Only enough for one but I went for rick

Rick is more versatile. Even an S-class version is VERY squishy, but if you try to make a T1 rush team, you are good to go with the 6* even - an active command with 8% AP (and bonus HP) is better than the usual Maggie or Nik, saves you the need of crafting a 2nd 8% weapon too…

Rosita was available from several card choiceboxes already, in tourney rewards, etc. You can easily get her much faster than you will be a le to get Rick in the future

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