Command guide anyone?

Is there a list of all the extra character effects like lacerate, maim, focus etc?

I’ve searched up things like “lacerate” on here but keep getting directed to lacerator Shiva.

Whenever this character attacks a character suffering from Bleeding (hemorrhage included), double the damage of that bleeding effect. The Lacerator can only trigger this effect once per turn.

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In game. Go to edit team and press the bottom left icon that says traits.

Also the first post on this link has most of that

Thanks guys.

Quick question about Lacerate, does it double the bleed damage for one turn or until the end of bleeding?

Also how would it work with Yumikos rush that adds 150 bleed damage every turn?

Also, it says you can stack bleed, is that the total bleed damage or the period it lasts?

Like, If I do 150 bleed attack normally, then add 50 bleed Mod, would I do 200 every time?

Total damage.

For example: 5 characters with 50 bleed mods attack one opponent. That character now has 250 bleed damage.

Contrast this with burn, which does not stack. If five characters with 50 burn mods attack one character. That character now has 50 burn damage.

If that makes bleed seem much better than burn: yes, but there are some restrictions. First, bleed goes away when the character dies, but burn is passed to an adjacent enemy. Second, burn mods have higher damage and last for more turns, so the damage you get out of one of them is much higher; they just become less effective in multiples.

Regarding Lacerator: it will permanently double the bleed damage (until the specified number of turns is over). While the bleed damage is displayed as a total, it is tracked individually in case parts of it last different numbers of turns. I have not tried it with yumiko’s rush, but with similar effects such as hemorrhage, the current bleed damage is doubled, but the number by which the bleed damage increases is not. So, first turn of effect: 150 bleed -> lacerate 300, second turn bleed 450 -> lacerate 900, third turn bleed 1050 -> lacerate 2100.


@DrJank thank you very much, that’s answered everything I needed to know perfectly.

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