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From Glenn “A Larger World” we present to you the 6* Glenn the Command Specialist

Glenn supports his team by buffing them up with attack and defense along with confusing his enemies.

Backed up with his brush hook, Glenn is able to boost his teammate to adrenaline rush faster.


Is recover bleed the worst active skill so far?


Can we get the governor to be next like next week?


I would say no, I have had hemmorage abe take out half my team with his escalating bleed now that matches last longer

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that’s really nice addition.

His weapon is not the greatest, 20% raider stuff doesn’t work too well with 76, 66.

But still sorta cool.

but seriously, he should of been released shortly after siddiq… and we need more specialists still to diversify the game.

It makes no sense that we all wait for the new ascendable and everyone has everyone.

It should be a pick and choose, earn more to unlock more.
But now it’s 100% a waiting game, or a spending game…

Players would likely spend more if we had more diversity…

the model of selling constant new weapons is sorta hilarious.
Holding off on perfectly viable and interesting content just to hope some
newbie players get lured into spending money on these weapons.

Any player with a functioning lvl 20 armory would probably not get far using
95% of the promo weapons.

Instead of mixing them into tournaments where people “could” spend for a guaranteed new weapon. Just keep them all behind that paywall.

If his weapon was sold for 1800 coins i’d buy it probably. 5000+ coins I think i’d pass.
2500-3500, I’d probably pass since it’s really not even that usable.
For 1500-2000 coins I’d consider buying it just to have the weapon model.

The same goes for erika’s gun, ezekiel’s gun all of the latest promos.

The only guns really worht anything is Stun gun, Ap down, Impair.

Everything else is actually not worth that much.

-Garret’s rifle. Yes sorta cool gun, but if you had the choice you’d buy impair for a blue.
Maybe a new player pre lvl 20 armory this weapon is viable.

-Siddiq’s shotgun. Again only viable if your a newbie. Worth money? no way.
-Vincent’s Knife… again is life leech worth buying? this weapon wheel is targeted at new players… who can’t even modify their weapons yet.

-rosita’s pistol… support 3 non crit. So in theory this mod is worth x1 duct tape.
why lock all these weapons behind paywalls???


All of these new shiny weapon models, all going to waste.


:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: No no no make the weapon this hehe @SandySurvivor Thanks Sandy! Already ascended mine. I love him.


Thanks for releasing him. He’ll definitely make teams more interesting. The more legacies out there the better.


It would be good if next one will be soon ( not in 2-3 months scopely soon), at least ascension moved a bit…

Indeed does not. Disappoint,… Except that outfit


One never knows when a skateboarding competition will break out during a walker invasion… Glenn is prepped


Ngarlie dudeeee

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Not as prepped as Sandy for the skateboarding. She will roll right over glenn


LOL. I laughed. But only after I read that twice to make sure I understood your joke.

Compared to Skater Sandy, Football Player Tyreese, Spaceman Mirabelle and Cowboy Zeke you’ve gotta say that Glenn is actually one of the few characters who don’t look like they’ve been dragged backwards through a fancy dress store!


Is this going to be an advertisement teleshopping channel? Where is the number?

Thanks for the update @SandySurvivor

Disappointed he’s not a toon I already own, but glad to see the legacy toons finally being released.

It’s handy in the first stage against Negan in T5 Faction Assault. But that’s the only thing I can think of.

True, thats the upside of bad actives

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