Coming to grips


Anyone got any suggestions for me for farming grip tape? Of all the hard things i need to farm in this game. I cant keep up with this one.

Best map to farm the weapon that yields most tape?


one word:disassemble


No disassemble number 5!

You should be getting those from the one star weapons.

Said common melee so any area that drops green or yeelow weapons.


Your kidding right? You dont think dont i dont know how to disassemble.
You clearly cant read what i was asking




They gave you the only possible answer to getting grip tape.


Lmao you asked and got answers. No need to be pissy.


It’s almost like you’re not even playing the game… I’m not even actively “farming” them and I have 12.7k grip tape.


You know you can make those. Dissasemble to get parts then make them.


Well…i farm all day. Im disassembling. And i cant keep up. Like i didnt know about that feature. You guys piss me off.
So my question was. Where would one farm for the best results in melee weapons for the purpose of disassembling. But you guys would prefer to troll or be deuchey… Thanks for the tips and suggestions btw.
What stages are you farming? I think my problem is that im only farming 12.8
12k grip tape? Picture proof…


Like I’d lie about how much useless material I have…


21-8 gives decent melee weapon drops that could help. But am sure there are other stages too


Use gatherer Glenn maybe…

Or just dismantle 1* weapons like everyone else


How do you run out of that to begin with?


I farm 18-8 a lot because I need yellow weapons and I want that cool looking bug eye goggles Eugene.


I’d like someone to answer this too…"Does anyone know which sets are the best for grip tape…? "
I always run outta grip tape and have dismantled nearly all my related weapons. But I got great success with crafting recently…2 pairs in a row of stun weapons without crit territory’s.
I just craft constantly now and it’s very possible to run out…!


World map stage 7.7


Thanks …ida, I’ll give it a go…:+1:


Can you answer how you run out of grip tape? Cause I don’t even know what they’re used for and I have 8k with 0 farming.


Yes how do you run out? Are you a new player? Just asking