Coming Soon to a Phone Near You


When will bem release Governor the calm before 6*?
When will bem release Governor the calm before 6*?
New 6s yolo :D :D



Bravo Pablo. Bravo. Truly fantastic. Lol ascendable movie


This is great but I don’t see Gators Apache Helicopter anywhere in the picture so 3/10 for accuracy. :wink:


10/10 ign

9/10 polygon contained too much violence

Lmao that is great tho nice shopping!


I can’t support your Gator trolls any longer


Thanks :slight_smile:
If I’d had the red gov, I could have made a better picture of his head

I stitched Glenn and Gator’s pics together from the picture in the raid profile when a toon is your defense leader (smaller persona icon) and the picture in the roster screen (no words obscuring the mouth). The hire picture from my faction mates wasn’t enough for me to work with due to my lack of skill.


Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while! Bets on how much longer it’s up?


pretty cool


I’m not one for hyperbole, but this is literally the greatest thing that has ever existed


This isn’t suitable for a Deviant ARt page. You need to add animal fur, animal tits and pokemon faces




Mid 2019


That’s planned for Early 2020

Shiva and Mirabelle do the fusion dance and… Well I don’t want to spoil it :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated it.

Old version here in case anyone prefers that one.


lol, love it.


And less than a week later, Glenn drops

Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

Anyone want to send me the pics of ascended Glenn’s portraits so I can work on his headshot?




Can you make him lead of your defense, then take a picture of the raid profile screen too please? Smaller persona icon, and no blood effects from Patient 0 if you look at the raid profile screen, not the regular profile screen.

Also bummer…I was hoping his portrait would have those sweet shades :confused:


photoshop his left side onto his right side :stuck_out_tongue: no one will know.