Coming right up - yet another Level Up


So I see we have a solo level up, solo SR and then faction level up planned for the week ahead. Is it too late to review this? We have had so many level ups lately that it is becoming ridiculous. We last had a raid tourney a month ago - can we please have a faction raid this weekend instead? Level up weekends are just dead. Or hold the SR tourney at the weekend so we can be a bit more active - anything but another level up!!!


Agreed, they need to change the faction level up to a faction raid event for the weekend


Or roll out the long threatened territory tourny…something new, broken, and just as boring as level up but with the added benefit of learning to fight the caustic people that inhabit your region.


They do solo after solo then give a faction level up. This gives players no real choice because they want to help their faction. Faction level ups don’t give personal objective points like solos yet they have same milestone points to he had. Just like the dewhite catch up level up. Left people who already had those items no choice besides stepping out of their faction to level and get all uneeded items, also leaving those who needed the parts a lack of objective bonuses for their personal milestones. The whole thing was terribly handled and it won’t change from what I can gather. I hope they do change it tbh. I wouldn’t mind a raid event or faction survival road. Good luck on being heard here. I’ve tried and tried and so have others. They are shut down or given a "it’s not fair " response


Everyone has a choice. Avoiding these rewards and saving won’t hurt your gameplay in any way.


Level ups would be fine…

If they released new 6 stars to level…
Oh wait. I can just buy a new 6 star.
Without no adens, liliths and I can level him up.
Just to get 1 kit, 1 tape…

Oh my.
How exiting.

Fk me honestly.
1500 legendary medals 8 benedicts
No one i care to ascend.

I’m limited in gear and trainers…

What a joke design…


I can see what people are saying, but at this moment in time the rewards are trash and i’ll save most of what i have for the faction level up.

the 100k & 60k scav missions are done so i’ll get something out of it but as there are no ‘event rewards’ i wont be trying


all’s raid and level ups should be dual events

Faction raid and faction level up at same time

No need to only have one :slight_smile:


I’m playing another mobile RPG right now and I never have enough time to play the game.

in TWD, there is usually nothing to actually play, it’s just leveling up or auto farming a roadmap for 20 minutes, then nothing else to do for the rest of the week


I kinda want a level up. After the war and survival road tournement my faction is overlflowing and i need to dump my toons and clear space on roster. I feel they have been to common lately but i need this one.


But do you need two?


2 level ups? if you are referring to the faction like level up 2 days after this one then no. way to many level ups.

And its honestly unbelievable, 2 million milestones is unbelievably high on top of having them multiple times every week. Not to hard to do some math and realize its impossible to hit 2 mill milestones with this many tournemtns


Get em while their hot


That’s exactly the thing. I can cope with one level up but why have another faction one a few days after but no raid for a month. I don’t understand the balance or what Scopely thinks needs to be achieved.


hard to decide if i wanna save to help me faction or just grind for my solo? frustrating to have to pick


No offense but it seems to be more to do with when your random ygl pops then wheather or you want to participate.


I don’t know if this thread made any difference or if the change from level up to raid was already planned but either way - thank you.


no more faction level up this weekend, so problem solved mate.




Completely agree. Or if they are gonna keep running level ups at least drop the top milestone to 500k which is feesable. Unless you spend a ton and get lucky pulling all the new 6 stars you can’t hit 2 million in back to back level ups. It takes time to build back up 2 stars and food to hit that high a milestone.