Comics toon expires today.... who is next?

Title says it all…

Current comic collection in museum expires later today. Diego and Harrison one.

Do we know who is up next? Is there a next? Too many questions not enough answers so little time… 1st world problems pondering pixels in the grip of cyber addiction to mobile gaming.


Probably be diego and Harrasion again


I suspect whatever it is, it’ll be another reduction in quality that will see the Suckers club members whinging about “thinking” of cancelling their membership and throwing around other empty threats whilst directly funding the mediocrity…


Nothing because they wont have any more room for new collections.


LOL hahaha… nice1

Sat on 60 comics from weekly missions. Aint spent in sucker club. Got 10 put aside for sclass stuff and 50 for toon or more sclass… but figured would bring my query to the floor with the community at large.

Giving a less sarcastic answer, I had 64 comics. I claimed Comics 10 (1,000 S-Class items) so sitting on 54.

I thought about Harrison (tie together Priya and Aarav in an attack team) and Diego (because he is an awesome leader with a great rush) but I have decided to not risk it.

I need 1,200 for Aarav so it is not worth missing out (or rather, delaying) a high powered S-Class for a 6 star lead who could be defunct in six months.

Know everyone raves about Diego but I simply don’t have many good blues or strong greens can use with effevtively. So be getting him purely because other say how great he is… Harrison is meh I’m general never had any issues with him.

Like said tis all about Sclass… I’ve got Pete and working on Henygen

He offers a strong AP bonus that is pretty rare, but if you don’t have the team mates to back him up that isn’t probably a reason to get him. Defence down and impair rush is great, but in a heavy alert meta (plus an AI which seems to favour attacking leader) he has to be tanked to survive.

Definitely all about the S-class

Holy crap! Same here! :rofl:
How close are you to getting Hengyen?

They have comic collections 10 and 11 up for another 38 days. I wouldn’t expect a new collection until closer to the end of these ones


They already put up 2 collections for Sclass items and the other with Amber or Sclass items dont expect to see another one

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One things for sure in a s-class era they won’t be relevant

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Probably nothing

my conversation with the powers that be said last week that the rewards that are currently out are the ones with no plans for any additional ones to be added in the near future. so i wouldnt expect anything.

2 henygens so far… 1 maxed one T3 and 1k cakes…

Would have been 3k cakes of hadnt been sleeping at end of a lvl up so came 2nd not 1st.

What about you? Finding it slog lately as seem to have cut back on sclass items being available

Actually, that wasn’t last week it was 25 days ago, and since the post I referenced is 26 days old and mentioned a monthly refresh with overlap, it makes sense that we’ll get a new one ‘soon’.

Having said that, I have no idea when or who will be in it.

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There are a 2 collection for comics on the store, pretty high, needs 100 comics on one and 10 on the other…

So i think we wouldn’t see a new collection until 2020…

Especially with at least one S Class (Priya) offering a Huge AP bonus along with 50% attack.

If comics expire today, then 3200 S class items should come back seeing as the “cap” on museum offers would not be at it’s max.

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