Comics in the league Store

With comics becoming somewhat accessible to F2P, they could also be put in the league stores because in reality the SC membership really isnt about the comics anymore. They’re now giving many other benefits and extra comics are a bonus.
Maybe they could cost like 1k per comic so itd be like buying diego or Harrison for 50k season tokens. What are yalls thoughts on this?


No thank you .

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what extra bonuses dow sc members actually get

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Scopely’s respect.


So far theyve got the weekly missions that provide them with not only even more comics but other goodies through the museum, theyve gotten extra help in the recent events (i.e. Gold bars, and I think I’m forgetting some thing), and the other benefits that are included.
And even if this isnt enough for most people, extra comics just freely available would benefit all players involved. Because even then the SC offers at max like 12 comics a week. With the lone map.

That exists?

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Sure. Like “lets change war scoring system to cater to one whale faction” exists.


I don’t think Scopely ‘respects’ even those 30 players. They lack the capacity to respect their player base in the same way a sociopath lacks the capacity to empathise for other living beings.

Recent improvements, which do exist, haven’t been put through as respect for the player base, but because they were mutually beneficial. (Not saying war scoring change was an improvement btw)

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You’re right. That’s why I said “Scopely’s recpect”. Its a separate thing. Lol


Haha fair play

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hahaha that was some salty little reply

What incentive does scopely have to do this? This will cost them money so no.

Eh, just spitballing. Dont expect it to happen but itd be nice

How about flare guns in the league store or in one of the numerous depots? Not the earrings that everyone has tons of by now.

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I thought flare guns can appear in the FA depot now? Couldve sworn I’ve seen them before

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I don’t believe so unless my depot bucket just has the worst possible luck haha

I’ve seen them too. I actually bought 1, once, for Tara. :slight_smile:

Not kidding. I have never had a flare gun in my depot in either region. Guess I’m in the worst possible bucket. For awhile I thought faction mates were just pulling my leg when they told me they could be in depot.

It is crazy people still dont have her maxed how, is it 2 years yet?

How many flare guns does it take to max her anyway? I’ve got her 6* and 11 flare guns but no clue how many it takes