Comic Offer & Good and REALLY strange decisions?

Hey Scopley,

Thats cool you put DIEGO for Comic sale, good for those that have 50 comics for that, but why the hell are you mixing DIEGO with HARISION when he allready is as an 50 comic offer in other comic offer? that dosent make any sense to me?

But grats on this 10 comic for 300 collection - that was good, but bad I only could buy it once?


I agree great on Diego for players it will keep them going for a bit longer. But they could of got rid of the other toon and added someone else, I’m not sure I know anyone who actually got him the month he was sitting there, more offers like the 10 comics would be more appropriate


Exactly - more offer as the 10 comics @JB.Scopely


I bought it because it was cheap would much prefer it to be chocolate cakes and array cards instead though

Maybe they lsten, and will make it possible in the future… :slight_smile:

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Yes I bought it then realised I had no use for those collectibles, school boy error☹️

I wasn’t bothered now have 2k ice creams and I aren’t even going for pryia I am after laopo and raulito

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Yeah those 2 together could be pretty nasty

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