Comic leaks and more

Merry christmas everyone.

I wish they added keys. Oh well The 300 tec 9 shells will be for raulito. Anyway merry christmas. Happy holidays.


300 lol a spit to the face

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Is that double attack as third slot? Fourth slot is the 20% Attack and basic attacks ignore defence bonus? Probably worth 60 comics.

Comics are free so 300 collectables is better than none, or better than an outdated 6 star


Can someone tranlate what that weapon is ?

There wasn’t a english version sadly.

I totally agree
This is better with 10 comic exchange

I think I did translate it…

Yes, that’s what the weapon is. Solid weapon to have

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30% attack
Medium ap bonus on attack
better chance to attack twice with 150%damage
the last one i don’t know sorry my russian isn’t good try asking Surgey

Well another 300 towards S class Aarav i guess. Just under 2k to go…

Yeah. Just gotta craft huge and hope for 40% and not 36%.

Good swap onto Priya

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When you need 70 comics for both collections but you have 69.
Feels bad man.
sad times


On 59 here. Going to take me two weeks to hit 70. I expect that the collections will be up longer than that

When are these supposed to go live?

Wow these are very nice. Hope scopely doesnt nerf it

Ty man :smile:

Nice weapon but all it does is save 50k armory tokens. It’s not the new double attack. It’s the old one. And it wastes three of the crafts.

Would be better to pull the AK or Maggie’s weapon from 4 star weapon tokens and get it to huge ap on attack and 40 attack. Nobody will keep that craft.

But with armory tokens being so short, it’s not decent at best.


What counts as a defense bonus? Are leadership skills affected?

Too bad this more things paid,60 comics its too high for f2p.

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I do not like raulito