Comic characters that need more toons


they have a problem to make toons so why so many useless 4* and below


Those aren’t star ratings, they’re importance ratings. I was rating the importance of the character on a scale of 1-5.


oh okay my bad sry :slight_smile: but still i would prefer to see some important characters from telltale


all who you said are getting six stars


I’d really like 6* Jane, Luke (Telltale…even those aren’t comic characters), Billy Greene, Otis, Thomas, Lilly, Nicholas, Eduardo, George, and Claudia. Jane and Luke were main characters. Billy was turning cool towards the end and could even use grenades. In the very early issues, Otis had a lot of potential as a character. Thomas was creepy and would make the perfect decapitate character. Lilly had a whole novel series based on her. Nicholas became a memorable character towards the end. Eduardo has been alive a very long time in the comics. George seems like one of the better soldiers at the moment. Claudia doesn’t really deserve one, but I think she would be cool to have.

Blue Shiva also. Basically, make Rambo, but make him a tiger.