Comic characters that need more toons


I’ve seen her now :blush: I think we were asking before she was leaked. I’m excited! Can’t wait to see her!


I know it’s kinda weird, but I’m more excited about non comic toons more than comic toons. I was more hyped about getting a Six star Wanderer than getting a six star Dale. Also, I’d prefer a six star Cain, Romanov(happened already), Sawyer, Cooper, and Ivanova(already happened).


It makes me think that Rick isnt the best and coolest survivor in the Apocalypse.


He is cool but there are always cooler people! Bet there’s somebody more badass than romanov out there lmao


Btw who knew Ivanova was Romanov’s lover. 2 different people who are related to eachother.


I am honestly so happy they are going back and making toons that we talked about in this post :heart: Father G! Holly! And now leaks of Dale and Chris! Who is next :eyes: Julie and Tyreese 4 star hammer please Haha


Chris has a new theme also, as does the new Holly. Chris is “A Man’s Gotta Eat”. Holly is “Too Far Gone”. Maybe these will be a short series of toons, like the “A New Threat” series, or the “Kirkman Series” toons


We still need Thomas from the prison storyline.


Plus all the new Commonwealth characters…


I don’t think RTS has reached commonwealth yet. But I’d love to see them get toons as well, after we get some more toons talked about here. Mercer would be :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: can’t wait for this storyline in game!


I propose:
Alice Warren, the woman who allowed Lori to give birth to Judith and who actually selflessly died in order to save Rick and his family. She was the doctor of the prison, also from Woodbury. Would love to see her as a healer.


Still waiting on season 2 TellTale characters.


We all do :roll_eyes:.


I can’t wait for 6* Human Shield with stun and heal green Duck!!


I would love to see a badass Jane