Comic characters that need more toons


Criem um Padre Gabriel 5 estrelas no jogo, ele é um personagem importanteimages%20(4)


Criem uma Olivia 5 estrelas no jogo, por favor!


Criem um Doutor Harlan 5 estrelas no jogo!


Criem uma Julia no jogo!


Uma família interessante que deveria estar no jogo, eles são de Hilltop.

Brandon Rose(morto por Negan)
Morton Rose(morto por Rick)
Tammy Rose(morta por Alpha)



Vocês bem que podiam criar uma Holly 5 estrelas no jogo


Vocês deviam criar uma Amber no jogo


@kalishane we need more comic toons


Yeah, but still nothing. But new ‘‘Orgin’’ characters.


Agreed all these contrived characters like Karlson makes no sense. From the major list above a few already have in game versions. I saw a Carlos on there that I have seen as well as Douglas that I have. Guardian blue 5 Douglas.

But for the sanity of anyone playing this @kalishane please put in a word to use authentic characters from the comics. Also as noted the most glaring omission from the first 48 issues in the game is Alice. No love at all for her when even I couldn’t tell you where nearly all of 1 &2 * characters are taken from. It really feels like thin air & it’s just an arbitrary thing where the names are of people around scopely.


The Douglas and Carlos in the game aren’t the same characters as the ones from the comics though. Different physical appearances entirely. I’ve double and triple checked to confirm my list by checking it against the comics and wiki.


Is this the Jane from the list?


Love your channel


I want a Carver.


Thank you so much! :heart:


Desperately need more father Gabriel variants than just a throw away 2*


LILLY she is the main character of her own novel series and is only a 3*. While Joshua not nearly as important as her and has 4 characters, 2 5*, one 4* and a 6*!


Alice Warren would be cool too! I’ve made a (crappy) way in which I would like for her to look!! She’s so disproportionate but I mean it was a quick thing, I’ll likely try to make her again but for now this is what I’ve got.


There is an ascendable Lydia in development. She is going to be a medic. Keep this in mind.


There is a six star Anna in development.