Comic characters that need more toons


Look I’m tired of having a new version of the same 6 toons every roadmap event or very time they release new toons, so with this thread I hope we can convince Scopley that we would like more diverse toons outside of the 6 (Rick, Negan, Jesus, Dwight, Ezekiel, and Governor). I would like everyone to list people they want more of and a reason why they need more toons. @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely @Agrajag

Sophia - one of the only 3 people from the Atlanta camp left and both her versions are children. Not only do we need more of her, but a teenager Version.

Gabriel - The priest needs at least 1 more toon. Not necessarily a 5*, but he’s a memorable character and he only has a 2*

Carol - While Carol may have died kinda early in the comics, people like Laura and whatnot have 2 5s While Carol only has a 2 and a 4*. Also she’s a very memorable person in the comics so I think she should get another toon

I will revive this thread every now and again until EVERY (reasonable) comic character you people suggest get a toon. A rightful toon. I personally have had enough of Rick and Negan and I hope you feel the same.

Julia(moradora de Alexandria)
Criem uma Holly no jogo
Criem uma Amber no jogo!
Dr Harlan Carson(médico de Hilltop)
Tammy Rose, Morton Rose e Brandon Rose
Olivia(de Alexandria)
Padre Gabriel. Um dos melhores
Doug e Regina(líderes de Alexandria antes de morrerem)
Lydia(filha da Alpha)
Tobin(morador de Alexandria)
Josh e Anna(moradores de Alexandria)

Friggin dale!!! why has he not gotten any version better than 3* and 4*


Benjamin. This game screwed him up. And what about Douglas?


Would love to see a 6* carol and a dale. They really need to give us a dale.


First I want to say, FINALLY we got a Dante toon! I wanted one of him for a while :grinning:

As far as smaller characters, and this might be just my love for Tyreese, but I think his daughter Julie really deserves a toon. Maybe not an epic, but she deserves some love (as well as Tyreese getting a 4 star hammer! Why isn’t there a kick ass hammer in game?)

As far as Epic/Ascendable:
Lydia!-We got Beta and Alpha where is Lydia???
Dale- poor guy. No love for tainted meat :sob:
Denise- maybe I’m wrong but doesn’t she only have a 4 star??
Holly!- Another character who hasn’t gotten alot of love.


I’ve got a list of characters who don’t have any counterparts at all.


5 = most
1 = least
Reggie (Pre-apocalypse) 3
Jim (Atlanta) 4
Donna (Atlanta) 4
Ben (Atlanta) 4
Billy (Atlanta) 4
Julie (tyreese’s group) 4
Chris (tyreese’s group) 4
Rachel (Hershel’s farm) 3
Susie (Hershel’s farm) 3
Arnold (Hershel’s farm) 2
Lacey (Hershel’s farm) 2
Patricia (Hershel’s farm) 5
Thomas Richards (prison) 4
Bruce Allan Cooper (Woodbury) 4
Sam (Woodbury) 3
James Lee Steagal (Woodbury) 3
Jared (Woodbury) 3
Eugene Cooney (Woodbury) 3
Alice Warren (Woodbury) 5
Hap Abernathy (Woodbury) 3
Gus struck (Woodbury) 2
Red (Woodbury) 2
Curtis (Woodbury) 3
Smitty (Woodbury) 3
Daniel (Woodbury) 1
Matthew Hennesey (Woodbury) 1
Tom blanchford (Woodbury) 1
Raymond Hilliard (Woodbury) 1
Rudy Warburton (Woodbury) 1
Denny (Woodbury) 1
Lou (Woodbury) 1
Wes (Woodbury) 2
Jameson (Woodbury) 1
Marianne Williams (Woodbury) 3
Andy (marauders) 4
Craig (marauders) 3
Theresa (hunters) 2
Albert (hunters) 3
David (hunters) 2
Greg (hunters) 2
Charlie (hunters) 2
Regina (Alexandria) 4
Scott (Alexandria) 3
Ron(Alexandria) 4
Pete (Alexandria) 5
Paula (Alexandria) 4
Mikey (Alexandria) 5
Barbara (Alexandria) 2
Erin (Alexandria) 3
Darius (Alexandria) 3
John (Alexandria) 1
Paul (Alexandria) 2
Josh (Alexandria) 2
Julia (Alexandria) 3
Carlos (Alexandria) 1
Sandra (scavengers) 2
Liam (scavengers) 1
Patrick (scavengers) 1
Carlos (scavengers) 1
Alex (hilltop) 4
Eduardo (hilltop) 4
Marco (hilltop) 5
Ken (hilltop) 5
Louie (hilltop) 3
Larry (hilltop) 3
Ethan (hilltop) 3
Doug (hilltop) 2
Wes (hilltop) 1
Wesley (hilltop) 1
Brian (hilltop) 2
Rolland (hilltop) 3
Johnny (hilltop) 2
Brandon (hilltop) 5
Morton (hilltop) 5
Tammy (hilltop) 4
Mr. Harlan (hilltop) 1
Mrs. Harlan (hilltop) 1
Donnie (saviors) 3
Davis (saviors) 2
Mike (saviors) 1
Amber (saviors) 4
Gavin (saviors) 1
Seth (saviors) 2
Gary (saviors) 1
Christopher (saviors) 2
Gus (kingdom) 2
Zachary (kingdom) 5
Taylor (kingdom) 2
Brian (kingdom) 2
Bernie (magna’s group) 2
Joshua (whisperers) 1
Josh (josh’s family) 3
Mike (josh’s family) 2
Lance Hornsby (commonwealth) 5
Officer Samuels (commonwealth) 2
Officer Frost (commonwealth) 1
Stephanie (commonwealth) 5
Pamela Milton (commonwealth) 5
Maxwell Hawkins (commonwealth) 3
Matt (commonwealth) 1
Elodie (commonwealth) 5
Kayla (commonwealth) 2
Sebastian Milton (commonwealth) 5
Officer Mercer (commonwealth) 5
Officer George (commonwealth) 2
Officer Jerome (commonwealth) 3
Cloris (commonwealth) 1
Officer Rufus (commonwealth) 1
Curtis (commonwealth) 1
Anthony Keith (commonwealth) 1
Nancy (commonwealth) 2
Josh (here’s Negan) 2
Lucille (here’s Negan) 3
Jeremy (here’s Negan) 3
Paul (here’s Negan) 3
Angela (here’s Negan) 1 [note: may be one of the two in-game Angelas.]
Tory (here’s Negan) 1
Martin (here’s Negan) 1
Georgie (here’s Negan) 1
Rich (here’s Negan) 1
Sandra (here’s Negan) 1

Phillip Blake 5
Nick parsons 5
Bobby marsh 3
Tara chalmers 3
April chalmers 3
Tommy 2
Scott moon 4
Megan lafferty 5
Chad Bingham 2
Sam the butcher 3
Manning 3
Stinson 3
Calvin Dupree 4
Thomas Dupree 3
Austin Ballard 5
Theodore Bryce 5
David stern 5
Cooper Steves 3
Jinx Tyrell 5
Mike bell 4
Raymond Nalls 5
Harold stauback 5
Norma sutters 4
Reese Hawthorne 4
Stephen pembry 4

Doug 3
Duck 4
Glenn (telltale version) 3
Hershel (telltale version) 3
Brenda St. John 3
Danny St. John 4
Andrew St. John 4
The stranger 5
All 500 days characters
All season 2 characters
Jane (season 3) 5
Badger 4
Ava 4
Joan 5
Francine 2
Max 3


Aaron’s hunting rifle
Abraham’s pitchfork
Abraham’s torch
Alice’s shotgun
Allen’s double barrel shotgun
Allen’s pistol
Alpha’s knife
Alpha’s machete
Alpha’s shotgun (non new threat version)
Andrea’s handgun
Beta’s dual knives
Billy’s sniper rifle
Brandon’s brick
Carl’s forge hammer
Carl’s pistol
Carl’s shovel
Carl’s whittling knife
Commonwealth rifle
Connor’s machete
Dale’s shovel
Dante’s greatsword
Dexter’s shotgun
Donna’s pistol
Donnie’s scoped rifle
Douglas’ pistol
Duane’s shovel
Dwight’s assault rifle
Dwight’s glock
Earl’s broadsword
Earl’s forge hammer
Eduardo’s spear
Ezekiel’s automatic rifle
Forged hilltop spear
Forged kingdom broadsword
Forged kingdom greatsword
Gabriel’s scoped rifle
Gabriel Harris’ AK
Glenn’s baseball bat
Glenn’s fence knife
Glenn’s sniper rifle
Harlan’s broadsword
Heath’s baseball bat
Heath’s pistol
Hershel’s pistol
Hershel’s shotgun
Holly’s crowbar
Holly’s submachine gun
Jim’s pistol
John’s Metal pipe
John’s assault rifle
Kelly’s dual knives
Lydia’s knife
Lydia’s pistol
Maggie’s broadsword
Maggie’s pistol
Maggie’s steyr aug
Magna’s sniper rifle
Martinez’ mp5
Mercer’s axes
Negan’s damaged Lucille (shot taken out of it)
Negan’s serrated knife
Negan’s shattered Lucille (split in 2)
Otis’ hunting rifle
Otis’ shovel
Pamela’s double barrel shotgun
Pete’s kitchen knife
Rick’s cane
Rick’s hatchet
Sophia’s fist wraps
Sophia’s pistol
Sherry’s knife
Tara’s serrated knife
The princess’ light machine gun
Thomas’ murdurin’ knife
Tobin’s rifle
Tyreese’s hammer (better version)
Vincent’s hunting rifle
Whisperer flaming bow
Whisperer knife

Jeremiah’s crucifix
The governor’s machete

Carly’s pistol
Carver’s colt python
Chuck’s shovel
Clementine’s hammer
Danny’s charlotte
Jane’s nail filer
Kenny’s crowbar
Lee’s hammer
Lilly’s pistol
Luke’s machete
Mark’s hunting rifle
Molly’s Hilda
Nick’s hunting rifle
The stranger’s pistol
Troy’s assault rifle


You’re list is amazing! 10/10 extremely want a Princess toon!!! Also Elodie, all the new characters are so amazing, at the very least Elodie is a huge fantastic moment in all the comics after all this time. She really should be celebrated with her own toon.


Thanks for the list. Now we just need people who have toons, but need more. Any chance you know how many toons each character has?


You speak from my Heart :smiley:


Great List. The only critic is that Oscar from Hilltop has a 3* character :wink:

Edit: You forgot Kenny’s Saltlick :wink:


We need a 6* Mercer!


I do. That’s a long list though. I’ll just list some toons I personally think need more variations.

Rick (we need a badass fear the hunters variant, here we remain, no way out, a something to fear variant, and a no turning back variant)

Billy (Hershel’s son) (made to suffer, safety behind bars, this sorrowful life variants)

Allen (tough days gone bye, alert miles behind us, and and alert safety behind bars variant)

Sophia (teenager fist wraps whispers into screams version perhaps, plus a prison-era variant)

Axel (please lord, more axel)

Carol (this sorrowful life, miles behind us)

Gabriel (definitely need that badass post-AOW sniper Gabriel)

Douglas Monroe (no way out variant)

Spencer Monroe (march to war variant)

Denise (no way out variant)

Aaron (life among them, lines we cross, call to arms, a new beginning, we find ourselves)

Dale (miles behind us, safety behind bars, here we remain)

Holly (need a cool alert too far gone version, strong no way out version, and tough all out war version)

Brianna (the whisperer war and what comes after)

Gregory (all out war variant)

Dante (more Dante!!!)

Dr Harlan Carson (need a strong whisperer war variant)

Alpha (any volume she’s in)

Beta (definitely need a fast tank/damage dual-knives version)

Lilly caul (need some more novel versions)

Nicholas (a life among them, march to war, and all out war variants)

Olivia (a new beginning and what comes after variant)

Sherry (fast a certain doom variant)


Ok @Shawn.Scopely @kalishane @Agrajag you have all the comic characters that you need to add. Please tone it down with the 6 toons previously mentioned


Princess, Lydia, teenage Sophia and a better Gabriel all musts. Instead of the 30th different Rick


Tobin and axel please


I would like to see a better version of Billy Greene.


I agree with you all totally. Just bare in mind.

#1 The current plot line in game is all out war. Which has been revived because the furthest we gone was the Yumiko-Magna story. While it follows the comic it seems to keep its plot along the line with the show which is Bullshit.

#2 Alpha and Beta were only introduced early for the special Kirkman alternate reality Lucille patrol thing. Which was wrong of them to do Imo. Alpha would never have worked with Negan like that.

#3 Back to what I said about it seems to follow the shows progression it also seems to follow people’s affection for certain characters on the show, which is why we get a lot of Rick, Michonne, shiva, rosita, abraham and Maggie. Andrea died early in show but she’s a badass character in comics and a better leader than Rick, yet Eugene has more versions than her.

#4 that big old list that guy made is spot on. I’ve asked numerous times for a better Holly. During rise to power it would have been great time to introduce a 6* human shield Holly because quite literally that was what she did. She sacrificed herself. Denise also don’t get enough love. They’re more eager on doctor Stevens who died like 2 issues in from his premier. That’s why I want Alice too. She was vital in defecting from gov and helping Lori etc. She was badass. The other thing, Where’s better versions of Lilly Caul? We have like 3 or 4 Joshua’s and he’s just a supporting character to her and her love interest. She’s the protagonist of several novels in the walking dead universe and leader of Woodbury.

#5 We need more supporting characters from kingdom. Alexandrians and saviors get a lot of love with hilltop getting little. But what of kingdom? Ezekiel shiva and Richard. That’s just sad.

#6 Telltale characters are sorely missing. After the first crossover the second event literally only had a clem and Kenny featured. Where’s Eve and all the others? New Frontier was a bit better with wider variety. I still think they’re not telling us the truth for why telltale epics haven’t been made available for ascension. I believe they don’t have the rights to alter characters from telltale. Maybe that’s why they’re wiring for the last season of telltale walking dead to end?

I feel like the designers don’t know the comic’s rich story or background. Roadmaps has the opportunity to bring to life the best moments in comics but they always end up making it dull and instead of promoting characters within the story line they put new characters up for pulls who have nothing to do with it.


Agree with everything you just said.

They’ve always been stuck on all out war, unfortunately, they’ve done days gone bye, and they’ve done a larger world to a new beginning, but that’s still the same 38 issues in a series with over 175 of them. They need to pay more attention to the comic stories and less on their own original toons or wacky original variations on canon characters.


Alice doesn’t have any and she was pretty important also starring character


wee need a 6 * amber for sure. Imagine her kicking ass <3_ <3 and i agree with the rest of the list. we also need a 2 * Sarah and Duck from the telltale games