Comic book weekly milestones

Since everybody in SC gets 6 comic books a week, and on a lucky week maybe 7, 8 once in a blue moon… How is it possible to complete these milestones otherwise:

Anyone have a clue?

RNG? That would be very cruel though.

I can’t view the SC event, anything else in there?

There’s only one item you actually need for museum collections (Bloodied Axe) and for which you need only 2 comics. Rest items can be useful but again, RNG plays a key role.

Just what’s showing and the choice of a lvl 1 gold mod.
It’s the museum collections that are the real draw.
I’m surprised Scopely won’t let you see them, they are dropping the ball on free advertising there.

Damn, just RNG then. Don’t think I’ve ever managed 9 in a week.

This is just so convoluted and stupid. And what’s the crown for? Is his the loyalty points they were speaking about?

No idea. You noticed that we won’t be able to get enough axes for comics before the toons disappear? What do you think is the likely hood that they will be replaced after they disappear?

Yea I just did the math. You need ten weeks to get collection 2 with the 30 comics. So $75 for 30 comics? Like give me a break. This is such trash.


This format literally rewards people for how lucky they are (which is ridiculous) since you can’t get anymore.
I don’t endorse multiple huge pulls for toons, but when a promo drops, that option is avaliable for example. Instead here, some people will be able to complete it based on if they are really lucky and 9 comics drop, whereas the majority can’t. It literally takes absolutely any player influence out of the equation. It’s monumentally stupid.

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What’s the crown toy from collection 3 for?

A chance a different bags for Prestige tokens knowing Scopely

This is just meant to entice players to keep their subscription than much longer. Too bad the rewards don’t warrant. 30 comics after ten weeks? That’s not enticing. Needed to really amp that up.


Just got lucky, lol.


Wow, since I’d never seen it I thought the chance of 9 of more dropping was less than pulling 3 5star ascendables/6stars in a 10 pull.

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I did mine and got 7. Honestly I don’t need the extra stuff. The only thing that’s valuable is the Axe… but one axe a week is trash.

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I probably get 6 about 70% of the time, 7 25% of the time and 8 about 5% of the time. That’s going on gut feeling and have absolutely no stats to back that up though lol.

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I think the odds are same for everyone but I did get 9 a few times, 10 and 11 once each.

I must just be unlucky. It could be the ‘batch’ theory that some people talk about. I had not achieved any special weapons on def for about 8 months of trying, then in the space of 1 month I crafted 3 stun weapons, an impair weapon and an absolute defence weapon. Maybe my time will come for big comic book pulls…


If they actually intend it to be like this then they dont mean a word of alberts letter 2.0. This is ridiculous, insulting even.

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Same for me, couldn’t craft any weapon for 6 months then got my impair and stun gun and single pulled alice the next day

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