Come to troup need some active players

We are looking for a couple of active players to join us in troup , if interested message me on line my id is derekwalkingdead and I can tell you more about us :grinning:

What’s the region like in general?
Scores required for Top 50 in LU?

Top 50 in solo is pretty easy if you want it. Personally I aim for faction tournaments.

do you have line?

Those Top 50 scores are way higher than my current region where you need less than 1m. I’ll pass thanks

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That’s fine. Good luck

Creeps over to your region to get an easy top 50* :hugs:

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Started a fac with friends, always looking to move as i always like to have a fallback plan, once we can keep fac league rank the flood gates will really be open

Are you a active player? We want strong people that wars

Me? Im decent, not a whale and not spending on this app and tbh not looking to join a faction now nor am i wanting to win in fac events like level up or sr as the rewards are trash. As for war i can get the milestones and fill when needed but if survivor tokens is the prize for war for the next month im not even going to bother warring once. Im relaxing right now till scopely makes rewards, events, etc or something worth a damn

That’s fine no problem. Someone already joined us from another region now just awaiting word from another. Good luck and hope you start getting the rewards you are looking for

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