Come to Covington!


We’re a friendly region, that promotes cooperation (weapon territories) and competition. If you’re looking for a destination to have a new start with minimal drama, then come on over once the regions open up!
Or come on over to start again before if you’re impatient, we have facs to build in as well :stuck_out_tongue: !


Are you doing a chat on line to introduce players to the region?

My region is over run with old Factions transferring :(

@Toxic_Ivy imma let my faction mates know about your invite to the region I feel that our goals are closely aligned based on your description.


May aswell, haha, Covington’s gotta get a lil organised so a chat would be quite handy


Im talking to people about getting one going!


:stuck_out_tongue: Come work with me on it Lu!


i am in Convington since the region started and can confirm what @Toxic_Ivy has explained

I would also like to add that there is no abusive behaviour from any faction as the leaders/representatives of nearly all factions have a line group where any such behaviour will be reported and sorted out along with other in game stuff discussed and agreed upon including territories obviously after consultation with all the players in all factions.
Its a long process to finalize and implement solution of issues and ideas but at the end the nearly the whole region took part in it.

Obviously there will always be issues in any region but what i am saying is that i am playing there since day one and im still having fun and loving to be part of this region, so who ever would like to join us, do let us know.

The whole region will be more than happy to help you all :slight_smile:



I’m very glad to hear this! We’re working on a Meet and Greet chat for Covington on line, so stay tuned and take a chance to get to know us soon!


Whenever y’all make the chat holler at me


We’re currently populating the room with a regionally representative population, trying to grab people from each of the facs to make sure anyone intrested gets to see a bit of everything we have to offer.


How are you today?


Wow (7char)


Avoid this region! Full of suspicious rosters with low prestige players (125k prestige’s I mean come on) having latest promo toons, perfect weapons, and top mods. If they had high prestige’s I wouldn’t post this but a lot of these people obviously have been visiting the Russian site.


I assure you cheaters are not welcome on our region, and the use of vk isnt either. This is a pretty blatent spam post, but thank you for your time.


Pm me your line id, weve got the chat beginning to populate with various faction reps.


This is full of crap!

If you wanna blame some one then do it by showing proof of your wisdom lol

share some SS so that we can check those players if you got any.

If not then please do not just send spam comments.




Actually it’s a truthful observation. It’s impossible for so many people in your region to have as many P2P characters with as low a prestige as 150k-250k. I’m simply letting people know what they’re looking at if they chose to get involved with your region. They can do the investigating themselves or save the headache and take my word for it. Choice is theirs.


Im below 250k pts on the prestige, have a pretty good line up of toons, several i paid to pull, have a 576 day log in streak, and a good amount of special crits weapons thanks to our territory agreement.
Ive also been active on this region as a lead or colead my entire career here, ive worked with the leads of the other factions here for a good portion of that time and are friendly with most of them… You’re accusations are off base and are kind of insulting to those who have put in the effort and work to build great teams.
Ive seen ss with multiple toons I’d give my right arm for in one big pull… One of my long time fac mates is famous for his luck. Just because its not in the realm of your possibilities, doesnt mean its not possible.
If you have proof of any wrongdoing, i gladly welcome it.


We have a chat if you’re intrested in getting to know some of our players. Pm me your line and ill invite you, and you can bring in a couple of your fac mates.


Remember, we welcome questions. Pm me your line id and i will invite you to our chat :wink: