Come Join Morgan Region



Legacy faction from troup region has come to Morgan to takeover, I’m inviting all whale factions to Morgan to give them real competition cause they are picking on little guys like me since I am unable to afford purchasing a transfer key to leave the newest whale city region, it’s very active here tho, Thanks for nothing Morgan


Buy a key with your league seeding rewards


Dude that’s the first thing I’m gonna do, the people in Morgan are really mean to me this guy Amir got the whole region to attack my territory and drop it to walkers.


It’s just legacy? Cause one faction is not the end of the world.


It’s several new factions Nightmare, parabellum, walking dead, Legacy, New threat, the top 6 are recent transfers


Okay never mind. No judgment, I left because of 3 op factions. 6, not thanks lol. Runn!


Morgan region says I cry a lot but this is a legitimate post it’s super active here and it’s really overcrowded with whales, first chance I get I’m moving hopefully I placed high enough to get 1,000 coins


How I regret wasting my transfer key here someone in Morgan needs to buy me one so I can get the hell out.


Run away from the whales in Morgan




yeah my faction and sister fac are looking for a new reigon


RIP Morgan Region


Even New threat ran away from Morgan already and they had 1.8 million rep legacy is ruining Morgan they need to get out


Did You escape already?


So what if we in Walking Dead migrated?

We arnt a whale faction and last war the spots 2 to 6 were all able to beat each other.

A New Threat if you had bothered to look you would have noticed that yeah they have high rep but there prestige isnt that high, so mainly small spenders or f2p.

All you do in global is whine and in the region line it was more of the same and you wonder why you were kicked out of 5 factions in 24 hrs with the 5th inviting you for the sole purpose of kicking you.

Add you and your gf behaviour in global and its easy to see why people dont have time for you.


Needs more Goose lol


I knew it was Ziggy! Like I mentioned in the other thread, he has been complaining about Morgan since shortly after he transferred in and none of the large factions he mentioned were even in the region yet. He’s looking for handouts and a quiet place for him and his internet gf to do who knows what in global chats. These “superfactions” you speak of aren’t ruining your gaming experience @KingCrimson… you can thank your behavior for that.


You started a new account in Morgan. You didn’t transfer this account in. Just start new somewhere else if it’s so bad for you.


I wouldn’t listen to king, he hardly plays gets kicked out of every faction, none stop talks bs he says he’s leaving but that’s probably lies as well.


Sounds like a swell fella :joy: