Come join diamond fac - vive la resistance

Hi all. I’m seeking players, either individually or as a group of up to 10, looking for a stable long-term home in the game’s coolest region, Colbert. I run Resistance Reborn. The recruiting/retirement dilemma is real, folks, and it has me short handed. However, from my last post on here, I was able to bring two awesome players into the fac from outside regions! That confirms that it’s worth it to swim through the inevitable trolls, LOL, and post anew.


  • we do cooperative crafting territories and we all work together to keep walkers cleaned up elsewhere in terrs
  • we have finished first or second as a region in every CRW since transfers began. I believe they’d all been 1st except two.
  • GC, line groups, etc are fun, troll-free, and all about having a good time… This is a game, after all.
  • a large percentage of players lower D for raid tourneys and for special events where items drop in raids.

As for my faction, we’ve been around in one form or another since November of 2016. It’s a group of mature, war-first players with no drama and we lead by council. We are seeking like-minded people that always strive for top milestones and play because they love to compete and win.

Hit me up on here or in game. I hope to hear from some good recruits.



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Bumpity bump bump, bumpity bump bump, off to war we gooooooo!

Last CRW was 23rd with about 2/3 faction. And not difficult to play with multiples when I’m just using the other two as fillers. :blush:

Had a group hop out of the region on the day of war and it handicapped us, but we’re recruiting and rebuilding. Ebbs and flows! Thanks for the bump.

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Burrrrppp… I mean bump…

Escape from WAO? Half of WAO were my peeps. I didn’t try to escape from them by going to a region that had multiple tops, LOL. We went to a much harder place. That’s why 1/2 of my players didn’t follow. Too much competition.

You act like you know so much about me but you’re always wrong. It’s amazing.

All mid-high facs are having a hard time recruiting. Tedious gameplay, retirements, etc and the gap for new players is so big that it’s hard to find fresh blood. It’s that way in every region.

Lastly, what bridge did I ever burn? Do you know that I was never removed from Barrow leader chats or NAC even though I was inactive for like 6 months? I am pleasant, honest, and forthright. Sure we had rivalries, but that’s gamesmanship.


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So true, Amen!!

Good luck RR :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Time for a bump

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