Come and join the clan!

COD mobile is here and damn its good, i want zombies so bad but battle royal and multiplayer are open. Add me, game name is ssinless, can join the clan also and lets play


How is it so far? Thinking of downloading it

Its bad ass so far! Honestly was worried bout the controls on mobile but its pretty good and smooth. Some crazy people tho sliding and lagging around the map which is annoying tho but so far so good and its about to be the #1 mobile game for sure. Over a million players and it hasnt been out for a day yet.

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My first 3 games lol.


This game slaps fornight and pubg easy, so much fun

Will it work on my Motorola flip?

I added you :wink:

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Trying to play but this 1 territory in RTS is killing me lol

Motorola razor, it was the coolest phone to have back then in 2003-2006 era


please no

That’s double s baby :wink:


It’s ssinless, add me and I’ll carry you my love :kissing_closed_eyes:

lol…im too fking old for cod

I can’t find it in the App Store

Age doesnt matter, gaming is gaming, my grandma games, im 30, im mostly in it just for zombies but ill do the BR and multi for now

Type in COD mobile and should be there, unless youre in Australia, for some reason they removed Australia from getting it

lol…i played original cod 3 on pc…15 yrs ago i guess

my son was 6 so yes …long time ago