Combining 2 x 6 star of same toon to new s class

If we have the option to combine 2 of our 90s to the new s class this would go along way to restoring player confidence. You can still roll your new op toons…

As someone who barely spends, my best characters are considered extreme luck to just get the one. So forcing a s class on everything doesn’t solve anything


As ftp you don’t stand a chance anyway

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No, even for people who do spend being told they need to spend more to make what they have relevant, is ridiculous. Especially if it’s promo characters less than a month old. S class is nothing but a lazy cash grab that adds nothing positive to the game.


That would sort of defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?


Are you stating that “any” 2 6* fully leveled?

Because the way I understand it is that to obtain a s class you need to have 2 of the same fully leveled toons.
Scopleys retarded way to not deal with the duplicates problem.


A good thing would be to use two fully maxed 6* and choose one of them to access S-class. A bit Dragon Ball Z but we all have some useless 6* we could use to reinforce others… Aaaah, dreaming that Scopely’s greed could have a limit…

I wouldn’t even mind them making a yellow Negan S Class at this point.

Hahaha. Scopley…limits???

These f-holes have 1 thing and that is how much money you have.

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Can we get S class gator for all the bullshit you been have putting us through scopely?

It’s only fair you give us F2P players a taste of it but make sure you give him a rush that’s wonder trash that is just more meaningless and let’s give him and active skill that gives every that hasn’t been steamrolled in 2 rounds parting shot. His leader skill can be 30def and a very larger bonus to ap when taking dmg and a large bonus to item find.

I think that’s perfect for us F2P players

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