Combine Mods for a better one

Instead of just selling mods why can’t we also combine bronze mods for a silver or gold mod? Would be a good idea.


Great idea. I proposed something like this in another post :wink: While devs are at it, how about creating an item that increases the chance while leveling mods. Similar to duct tape or polishing kits, but for mods. Some sort of booster that lasts for a couple hours or something.


Could just make a mod territory that drops scrap and gives a boost


I agree a bit like ascendance but without the tokens and use the scraps.


Now that would be something worth fighting over!


Although, upon consideration, a territory would get super stacked by alpha factions. I like the idea of an item that anyone could grind and use a bit better.


Why not have both like weapon crafting

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How about raising the mod scrap cap to say, 500k and let Earl take a shot at building something from the pieces at that price? I’m sure he’d just screw up and constantly build bronze ones but it’d give some kinda hope. Or let someone else do it like Eugene.


I brought up this same idea when they created the armory and having Earl break down so many items (useless ones we have thousands of) and wood to make things like DT and PK and SP but of course, they never would do it.

@JB.Scopely please make this happen



@JB.Scopely, maybe the posibility of “ascend” a mod
8 of bronze to ascend a bronze mod to silver mod
6 silver mods to ascend a silver mod to a gold mod

Can’t you guys just be happy with paying 900 coins for a 6% chance at a silver burn mod?! 900 coins for a useless bronze mod and a barely usable silver one (unless you hit the crits on the way up)… I imagine they made a fortune on such a great offer. :rofl:

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