CombatDevIl is a hacker!


look in the background of this picture @CombatDevIl Untitled ( this is a joke dont hate me)






I’m really bad at photoshop lol
so jokes on you!


Yo Scopely, ban this guy. That’s some obvious hacking :confounded:


Bad boy


No, he means he used photoshop :persevere:


Nah Nah, He used hacks 100%


No, he’s definitely Jesus.


No, that’s 1* Lucia. :stuck_out_tongue:


Since Lucia is op now, Time to make a full team of 1* Lucia :smiley:


This is the trick behind 6*. I understand. :thinking:


CD wins the highest dmg contest, hands down


Can I use Nancy? I mean she looks better than Lucia.
Sorry for the man who designed her :slightly_smiling_face:


Kinda reminds me of the old school pokemon games with the op magikarp for the developers of the game. Probably just messing around with the mechanics to see how high he could get it lol


Nahh I don’t think so… he is obviously hacking :rage::rage::rage:


Yeah he hacked his description aswell and gave himself a promotion to senior software engineer.