Combat Video Requests

Hey everyone,

So I already have a list of topics that I want to cover, but thought I would reach out to the community about what else you would like to see.

Could be:

  • abilities what they do

  • weapons how they work

  • toon spotlights
    and so on

  • Link

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Can you please do a video showing Pete using his AR while taunted?



I’ll take it to the team :smiley:


Eggman spotlight

So you recently did the video (and thank you very much for it :wink: ) on stacking attacks with similar 3rd and 4th slots.
How about the stacking defence? In particular the combination of Ryans Blunderbuss with another weapon in the team that is the red craft +10% def to all for each red on the team. At first glance it’s easy to miss that these two effects are actually very different and will stack, since one is applied in team build (the craft) and one is applied in raid (the blunderbuss).
If these were both crafted perfectly with say 40%+ def for the holding toon and with 3 to 5 reds on the team. How tanky would toons like Frost, Shiva, Trader and Pete be with high end gold/mid range plat mods and well modded 5 star defensive weapons?
I can work out the values, but thats just numbers, Id love to see how much damage a 20k Priya or highly decked out Aarav/Princess does to those toons.
I’d do it myself but alas - a 10% to all for each red craft is pretty elusive.


Here’s the video I really want:

Start with 200 guns with Stun on getting hit crafted in the third slot.

Add AP gain when attacking to 100 of them with territories and use both duct tape and polishing kits. Record how many fail to craft completely (obviously this will be 0), record how many are success but not critical success (vl ap), record how many are critical success (huge ap)

Add AP gain when attacking to 100 of them with NO territories and only use polishing kits.
Record how many fail to craft completely, record how many are success but not critical success (vl ap), record how many are critical success (huge ap). Then take all of the ones that failed completely and run them through again. Continue until all of them have either VL ap or Huge ap.

Then, compare how many of the first 100 ended up Huge AP with how many of the second 100 end up with Huge AP. And tell us how many PK/DT you spent on each set.

Cuz you got nothin’ but time, right?

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Can you show teams that smash double Traders, I’m struggling🤗

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She actually did that when she streamed last WOC lmao

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Ohhh interesting me likey.
Must have weapons.
The not attached weapons but “must have” for each trait. Like 2 yellow 8% for quick commands and so on but what stats and 4 slots or 20%ap/impair blue how many should i be trying for is stun even worth it red and green with so many new s’class that have resistance bulid in.

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I like Link

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But who was focus stun weapon?

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Ok, here’s a video request that wouldn’t take ages (unlike my other two suggestions): buff stacking

We know that a Princess 3-turn taunt will be replaced by a Doc Stevens 1-turn taunt, we already have that on video.

Let’s get a video that shows how stat-based buffs have an additional check when deciding whether to replace the buff or not:

  1. A character gets +50% atk for 2 turns buff from Kate, then Maggie comes in with her +75% atk for 1 turn - because +75% is ‘better’ (based only on the stat, not the duration), it will replace the 50% buff.

  2. If the character has the +75% atk for 1 turn buff and Kate ARs to give +50% for 2 turns, the Kate buff won’t replace it (because it can’t replace a buff that is ‘better’) and the Kate buff is ‘wasted’ (the toon won’t get +75% for 1 turn then get the second turn of the +50% buff).

  3. And then, let’s show that if the buffs are ‘equal’ (Maggie’s +75% for 1 turn compared to Alice’s +75% for 2 turns), the one that lands second replaces the one that landed first (which may not be desired behavior, as a 1 turn buff could replace a 2 turn buff, similar to what happens with the Princess taunt vs Doc taunt).

  4. Then, if possible, the same checks with debuffs, showing that they consider a more negative debuff better (-50% defense is better than -25% defense). I don’t know which toons to use for testing this off the top of my head.

And of course, please let me know if any of my understanding is wrong - buff stacking always gives me headaches :slight_smile:

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Any toon restrictions here?

So kind of like talking about weapons, what people “should” be going for and why? That type of thing?

I like lamp

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Maybe I’ll do a video showcasing the ways this “bug” isn’t a bug :thinking: (at least Showcasing what it could be)

Yes deffo some times its hard to explain to new or low mid players when trying to help them to progress there teams weapons wise when all they hear is rampage or stun and 15% att crit. That they waste material and time going for the rng big pay of before getting that weapon that will change a team not just a single toon. How best to use weapons.

these are small examples of weapons that kept me in the grind i use these 2 as examples as most other useful ones are now 5 star and would defeat the premises. While not over powered put on a guardian shields parts of the game like sr and road maps. Because of there crit they become easier used right in a bleed team in faction assault a guardian is better than a shield or a hard hitting toon. Or if i get impair or stun what is the best all round set up for multiple toons. You would be better at the idea it of than me.

Not really, I don’t have Mateo or Jackie :hugs:

Double traders on Jacki’s teams or tank teams? Tank teams u can beat with Princess and Kate 5* and 1 command; Jacki’s will depend on yours confuse resist mods :slightly_smiling_face:

The whole damage/ defense/ control calculation gives me a headache since its so well hidden.