Combat Reference thread as a model


The recently created Combat Reference thread is amazing, helpful, truly player-first, long overdue, and:

A prime example of what can be accomplished when we ( the players and the devs/Scopely) work together.

That thread is free of complaints, negativity, bias, and all the things which create the issues which obfuscate the main intent and purpose of the forum: to make this game the best it can be, while providing fans of the game a place to discuss the means by which that end can be achieved.

The players need to be treated as more than potential $$$, and, instead, as the most valuable resource available to Scopely in every possible way. We are your feedback, your “gold” testers, your revenue stream, and the only reason the game exists. The Combat Reference thread needs to be the model for customer relations moving forward.

@CombatDevIl and @Agrajag :beers: