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Clarification before we have to pick a toon would be highly appreciated @JB.Scopely

Any chance @Agrajag @CombatDevIl and @CombatMan can make a comeback to the forums? These guys would have cleared things like these up already.


I’ll follow up on this and will report back!


I’ve noticed when using sid there have been a few times that 3 of my characters had full ar and 1 did not. I use sids rush and the ap goes no where. I’ve been experimenting with Andrea and some other toons in a certain setup and this happens randomly.

NE1 ever look at this?


Any news @JB.Scopely?


Maybe when we find out whatever happened to @CombatDevIl, @Agrajag and @CombatMan :joy:


With regards to collateral II as questioned, the collateral damage is like a 100% damage attack, aka not a crit, and adheres to the rules as such (aka receives bonus damage from the trait advantage as well as any mod advantages/disadvantages), but it won’t proc special weapon effects.

Bryan and collateral damage

Okay, thanks alot @JB.Scopely . So in my example above, Bryan would splash 2k damage, if splashed target was green, it would receive 4k damage due to the trait modofier.

Now with regards to multi-hit rushes that have a damage modifier (they have increased damage but are considered regular hit that takes into account weapon specials). Does Collateral 2 splash a regular hit or a beefed up rush hit?

And what about the weapon special Splash Damage? Will that splash the regular damage or the rush-modified damage?


Yes! Can we get them back?

  1. Are they still alive?
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Why are you asking for accurate information from the people who actually know how it works? :thinking:

What we need is inaccurate fluff masquerading as feedback. just to be consistent with prior feedback. :man_shrugging:

Just check the devtracker, some are peeking quite often. https://forums.scopely.com/groups/developertracker


In @CombatDevIl ,@Agrajag and @CombatMan we trust


this is apart of the gun. no need to worry. lore wise the ak has explosive rounds and yumikos crossbow is showing lighting someone up. but i do not see any use of patching it out since i actually enjoy it.


Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing guide! We now have our very own BOOK OF THE DEAD!!! :wink: :smile:


Happy New year ? :smiley:


Reflect is The best


@CombatDevIl and vitality? How it works?


Any chance you can get the specialist skills list (at start of this thread)updated as some are missing from the list? Thx


I just want to be clear as to the definition of a “wave”

A wave in zombies is once you kill every zombie and go to next round or wave.
A wave of humans in raiding is a single opponent or battle when in the world map.

So any weapons with the “wave” trait is completely useless in raids, correct?


It applies at the start of a raid


Not all, raider 3 for yellow is a boost to AR at the start of a wave, so gives your team an advantage right away. But something like regain hp at the start of a wave is pointless for raiding and war, as it will never have a chance to work


can you make an update please?