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Errggg if Davie gets/ takes damage, his weapon/ skill should get activated. Like green Abraham pain splits with Romanov, Abraham got 2 attacks and receive 1 bleed/ burn damage on him, next turn, next round Romanov’s attk got 60% buff. I’m not saying Davie will trigger his weapons’ bleeding effects exactly three times (because, “better chance”), but I just wonder if there is at least a chance at all.

For Shiva’s case, I’m sure of it. I can’t take screenshot since it’s a rush, but feel free to duel your teammates and see :slight_smile: Thanks!


This is interesting, because the wording of the two is “when taking damage” so it is inconsistent that the two do not work in the same way when they are taking indirect damage from pain split. Possibly because one is a weapon skill and the other is a specialist skill.


Possibly “taking” damages and “sharing” damages are not considered the same way.
If Davie shares damages with Princess, we may consider that damages comes from Princess because in the end she is the one deflecting on Davie. In that case, no one would want that the splittered toon weapon’s activates !
@CombatDevIl @CombatMan ?
May you please enlight us here with your knowledge ?

About number 2 : Rick’s AR is not an attack, its a rush.
These are 2 different things except for blue Dwight, green Bruce, blue Michonne, yellow Shiva … so it sounds logical (to me) that Rick wont double the bleeding when rushing.


But the point is that if someone pain splits with Romanov and takes damage, Romanov’s berserker will still trigger even though he is “sharing” damage. That is inconsistent, unless the rule is “when a character takes damage shared with an attacked character, specialist skills which activate on damage taken will proc but weapon skills do not”.

The latter makes sense. Wouldn’t want to see a Garrett pain split with Erika and you get stunned and impaired from the same attack!


Can’t replicate because I dont have Romanov but I think this is not supposed to happen.

It seems to me that my Shiva doesnt CutThroat an opponent (under debilitating effect) when rushing though. The symbol does not appear.
This is then very hard to tell if its happening or not.

I think that the best we can hope for is a specialist advice on these tricky questions.


My Shiva’s AR applies Cutthroat.

@Kanaima So I guess what you said earlier is different from what I thought you implied.

So what I meant to say by Specialist skills differ from Weapon stats, albeit even inconsistent among specialist skills.

For instance, Decapitate, Indomitable, Berserker, Cutthroat, Evasion can activate on non-basic attacks. (Decapitate, Cutthroat, and Evasion is the slight exception with burn/bleeds not triggering).

Then there’s also others like Neutralize, Execution, and Lacerator/Firestarter(?) that only procs on basic attacks. The inconsistency is mainly with Cutthroat and Neutralize/Execution is that they both use the same wording, but trigger under different circumstances.

I haven’t tested Lacerator without a multi-attack character, so I can’t say for sure if Lacerator is supposed to proc on ARs too.


Yeah I said weapon specialist skill, meant character specialist skill.

I think if we’ve learnt anything, it’s that they are consistently inconsistent


Not just Shiva, but Priya can apply cutthroat with her AR. The point is the description noting “Whenever this character attacks…” Are you implying their ARs (Shiva, Priya, Green Rick) are not considered to be a kind of attack? How is CutThroat’s methodology any different from Rick-Lacerator’s?
Cutthroat -> Stunned, Impaired, Taunted, Confused toons
Lacerator -> Toons under effect of bleeding


An AR is not a basic attack.
We’ve told since a very long time that AR are a specific kind of attack that is not considered as a basic one and thus not involving/triggering same effects as a basic one.

If you browse thru this very thread you may find some more explanations.

For example, AR that are noted “inflicts X damages thru Y attacks” (blue Dwight, yellow Shiva, 5* Priya, 5* Teresa and maybe some more I forgot about) are subject to suffer from the opponent’s weapon (exception made for Bruce and Michonne because they have Disarm skill) …
So to sum up, if the attack is a basic one, then it is considered as an attack.
If the AR states “attack” in description (and states multiple attacks), then these attacks are considered basic ones.
If the AR states just “damages”, then IT IS NOT a basic attack and then it does not implies same reactions/results.


Thats what I was explaining earlier.

So this one is clear : Whenever

This one is clear too : Attack or Rush

“Lacerator” is not documented here so for now we dont know exactly how it should be handled.


Good catch on the different wording of Cutthroat in-game and on this guide. Because in-game, Cutthroat shares the same wording as say, Neutralize, but Cutthroat applies on attack/rush whereas Neutralize is just attack.


Sure Sherlock. You just made me realize the AR-ing toons don’t mean to “attack” with their AR. The calculation just put some blood loss there. Easy. Nobody get hurt because there are no “attacks.” The HP has to be reduced as a result :slight_smile: Scopely should rephrase AR as “Reduce x opponents’ HP with xyz% of…” Oh I don’t know how to say it without using words like “attack” nor “damage”


Sorry if that upsets you but this is how the game is designed and I have nothing do to with it.
If you thought that you would build a hell of a team by combining this toon and that toon … and in fact you end up deceived because it doesnt add up as you thought it would, well, join the club !!!


RE. Collateral Damage II, what modifiers are applied to the secondary attacks on critical? I am lucky enough to have Konrad and I have him stacked up with crit damage mods but I’m not sure that build is working as well as just going all out attack with a crit chance mod. The splash attacks seem to be nerfed even when AR goes.


What is the chance of atack with splash damage? Or what depends? :smiley:


This has probably been asked already but too many messages to go through. If collateral damage II goes off it says the toon will take 100% dmg if it was attacked as the primary toon. Is this 100% of a crit attack since it has to be crit attack to go off or is it 100% of a normal attack?


Crit is never 100%.
they curve-nerf it so it’s likely closer to 80%max.


But is that 80% of the critical damage or of a regular attack?


80% chance of crit… which is then:

  • x1.5 damage of a regular hit
  • headshot for walker
  • activation of skill (guardian/col dam/disarm/etc)

The col. damage II will be as stated “100% damage attack” for the up to 3 others… Is that the x1.5 damage, Im guessing no due to the wording… but not certain.


@Trout this is no answer to the very interesting question of @Ypetey

The question is, how much damage will splash from a collateral 2 hit. The description here states:


Imagine you got Bryan. He has 2k base damage. You hit Carl in the middle. The attack crits.
2k damage x 2 (trait Modifier) x 1.5 (crit Modifier) = 6k raw damage.
To my understanding it will only splash 2k damage to the toons around him. I’m not sure if debuffs, traits and mods modify the splash attack.

What’s even more interesting: Bryan has multi-attack rush. That’s like a regular attack with a bonus damage multiplier (250% in his case, so 2.5 multiplier). The question now is, does he splash 5k damage (2k x 2.5) or 2k damage.