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When is Ultra Rare Gear Roadmap? I need it so badly :frowning: 6 scopely badly needed.


Thursday. I need it too. Upgrading Kenny made me low on leader gear and now i’m struggling with leveling up Javier


Thursday??? That’s so far !!! I need to tier up Romanov already. I’ll do so bad this level up then :frowning: Scopely should do more ultra gear maps. :frowning: :frowning:


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I love both bleed and burn, i put a high burn on one character and stacked bleed on the rest, by the time my first 5 attacks are done on my first target, they end up with over 500 combined DoT damage and often times kills it, 177 from burn and 330 from bleed… and those are weak numbers mod wise


I’m still seeing numerous disparities when it comes to stats calculation - one recent example during this war, came across a Magna with 5943 def behind Erika, a 40% shotgun, the 50% def tower and 755 in defense mods.

So going by the above formula it should be (1724 * 689 * 965 * 1689) + 755 = 5822

So where is that extra 121 def coming from? Or am I missing something when it comes to calculating?


You’re missing the mods made to the weapon.

It’s more complicated than it should be, but the real way to calculate weapons is to use the base, then add each mod as a separate stacking multiplier. In the case of the 40% shotgun, it’s 30%, 5%, and another 5%

So, instead of the 40% shotgun multiplier being x1.4, it’s x1.3x1.05x1.05


I knew I could rely on you :star_struck:


I learned that from @LadyGeek . Credit goes to her for that one.

Glad to help though! :slight_smile:


@JB.Scopely , what happened during these days to raid? I mean , what was changed in mod , weapon and leader feature of defence team? I ask You this because i’ve a lot of Faction mate that has problems due to loosing a lot of raids , same raids against teams that before they win with full of life in all characters. I cannot understand , also because now (with my blue michonne with disarm) i can heat a magna not in shield mode and do a damage less than 200 (i’ve 3800 of attach) and when she’s in shield mode , less than 100… It’s amazing…but needs a deep explanation , because people are feeling you’ve mare another bullshit (do You think that just another one in a see of them you’ve already did was not possible to be noticed?).

Hope to receive a good and detailed explanation…


I’ve bin noticing that when antoon has impair and neutralizer and ur running two of them and one impairs A toon and it is resisted but u hit to toon with a Neutralizer afterwards that the turn will still rush the toon ur hitting has impair reisist but it doesn’t have Neutralizer resist and they shouldn’t be rushing this is happened countless times to me and ended up in a loss of a battle


the neutralizer special skill impairs if the skill is triggered. check the manual at the beginning of this post.
so neutralizer skill can be countered by mods that give resistance to impair.


Hi Admin, just 2 tricky hypothetical questions:

  1. If I used Princess’s AR (taunt 3, pain split with 1 teammate) and that teammate is Davie, will the damage on Princess leading to Davie trigger Davie’s weapon special effect (bleeding)?
  2. I have tried running a green Eugene lead, green RIck, blue Negan, blue Michonne, Princess team. When Negan ARs which triggers 750 bleed damage for 2 turns, I let Rick AR after that, but the bleed stack can go up to (750+325). But the definition of Lacerate specialist skill is: “When the character attacks an enemy,…”
    In my opinion, RIck’s AR is considered to be a kind of attack that incur damage (not like Erika’s nor Lydia’s), so his AR should double existing bleed damage on a specific target.

I’m using the same logic Shiva does the AR. Similar specialist skill-approach and AR. In Rick’s case, the total bleeding should be (750 x 2) + 325 =1825



Don’t need an admin to answer those.

  1. No, pain split just takes the damage that would occur to the attacked character and splits it evenly with another character. So it’s exactly like normal, just the attacked character only takes 50% damage. The character that pain is being split with has no influence on the attacker nor the damage taken (and the latter is why pain split can be exploited)

  2. Rushes don’t trigger weapon specialist skills like a normal attack. Just in the same way a stun sword wielding Carl won’t stun an enemy when they rush. This is different to certain characters like Michonne and Dwight who have Multi-Attack rushes where weapon skills do trigger (but they can also be stunned/blocked which normal rushes can’t be)


Rick’s Lacerator isn’t a weapon specialist skill, just specialist.


Right, but the principle is the same iirc


Oh I see what you meant by “weapon specialist skill.” The example of Carl threw me off.


Hi, thank you for answering. Just some quick thoughts:

  1. if the pain split splits the damage evenly to 2 character, then Davie will take damage and his weapon’s special effect deserves to activate, don’t you think? It’s not like any opponents rushing on him. Still regular attacks.

  2. if rushes don’t trigger regular skill like regular attacks then why can Shiva use cutthroat on impaired/ stunned/ taunted/ confused with AR? This is a popular knowledge :slight_smile: a lot of people have Shiva can help me testify on that. I posted the screenshots of two toons for everyone to see the relevance.


I think on 1, it’s right, because you aren’t attacking Davie, he’s just sharing the pain.

On 2, does cut throat apply when Shiva rushes? Didn’t think so but may be wrong