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Mods are handled separately from weapon effects. That’s why Disarm specialists can be reflected by reflect mods


But description states “While not stunned…”


That refers to the weapon skill, which should be disabled while stunned.

The reflect mod wouldn’t be.

They’re separate, and can proc separately if a toon has both a reflect weapon and a reflect mod


Seems to me reflect mods work at or near 100% of the time. Anyone else notice this?

Where as weapons are around 1 in 3.

Language is the same.


@CombatMan @CombatDevIl

Can one of you look into Leech Life when attacking weapon skill? Ever since I got this on Zeke last week he has only gained 1 HP when this procs no matter if he’s hitting blues or any other traits. This is happening in raids, roadmaps, and Survival Road. Just dosen’t seem right…


@Plagueis did you approach the Support with this? Have you got any footage of it by any chance?

I could help fast track checking this one if you provide me with some extra material :wink:


@JB.Scopely @Plagueis I posted this in this thread June 3rd. No reply from anyone. Leech life most definitely IS broken and here’s proof




@JB.Scopely can this issue be fixed or worked on? Took me I dont know how many tries to get that leech life from the armory :tired_face:


Thanks for bearing with us on that one… definitely flagged to the team though.


This happened to me just now. There is no way this should be “working as intended”
Is this being looked at? @CombatMan @CombatDevIl @JB.Scopely


Did they say a bug has been logged and it will be fixed in the coming update?


questionbabout Execution specialist skill.

does it bypass bonus HP and only takes into consideration the original hp (the red bar) when checking if condition of hp is 20% or less is met?



@JB.Scopely @CombatDevIl @CombatMan @Agrajag ca

n you find out how the atk stat calc works in regards to trait dmg bonus mods.

Like for instance we know currently base atk x weap% x lead% + mod set bonus + mod stat bonus is you atk stat in a fight.

Say you have %40 green trait bonus does that Multiple the entire calculation above? Also how does it work in regards to an AR.

Say you have 3000 atk after everything mentioned above with a %400 AR that’s basically 12000 dmg before defense calculations. How does bonus atk versus a trait factor in? beforehand is what i am assuming.

Normal - 3000 atk - %400 AR - no bonus - 12000
Trait Mod - 3000 atk - %400 AR - 40% atk bonus - (3000*1.4)*4= 16800

Would be helpful to know when considering different combinations of mods that are off set etc. so you can make informed choices before spend 1000’s of scrap simply to test new ideas…removing mods needs to not cost anything btw, its completely ridiculous to add a barrier for trying out teams/mods you already had to win or pay for.


Question: On a weapon like this, will the slot 3 effect (+35% atk against enemies >60% HP) work during a rush or only during a normal atk. The description isn’t clear to me. Also, what about the slot 1 +35? Will slot 1 only work for normal atks or during a rush also?


Specials in slot 3 do not work on typical ARs, unless it is one of those multi hit ARs like bruce michonne dwight etc that are treated as normal category atks.


@Agrajag, why doesn’t bleed from a mod stack on itself when hitting the same enemy twice already under bleed from the first attack? Bleed should stack right?

Say my Carl with a 126 bleed mod hits enemy Zeke on turn one, it successfully applies the 126 bleed, turn 2 I hit Zeke again with 126 bleed mod Carl, zeke still only shows 126 bleed, not 252.


Bleed from Mods lasts one turn. That should stack if you had another bleed source on that turn.

Burn from Mods lasts 3 turns but won’t stack.


Wow, I didn’t realize that, thanks for pointing that out. That makes bleed modscompletely inferior to burn mods. Burn last 3 turns and passes on to other enemies


But you can apply multiple bleed on the same turn if you have several toons with that kind of mod