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Bleed and burn bypass the blue bar


Yeah, like Vezpi said. It’s working as intended. It should be written in the main post, but if not, it’s definitely been said in the thread here somewhere.


Well done


It’s an odd system where a toon can die (from lack of HP) while still having bonus HP.
Bonus should always come off first, no?



I get that my answer didn’t serve your purpose, but I did tell you where you could find a difinitive answer. If you had bothered to look, you would’ve found this.


That’s because of people like you that real game’s issues are ignored by devs

The Wanderer is still bugged
The Wanderer is still bugged

You can compare this to a knight bleeding in his armor. The armor isn’t affected but the soldier inside is dying.


First of all , sorry for stupid question.

Do we have a trust calculation form to understand how much Def (example) do i have on my character if :

  • Standard Def is 1000
  • Leader’s Ability DEF + 40%
  • Single Mod gives +300 Def
  • Mod’s Set gives +400 Def
  • Weapon gives +35% Def

I’m guessing : (1000 + 300 + 400) x 1.4 x 1.35

Am i right?

Thanks in advance


You’re right


Don’t know where the scopely people are. Not seen an official response to any question on any thread for the longest time… any news on fixing lacerate shiva?


During last month “people of scopely” are reduced to one man only , JB. Leave him to work…


Thanks a lot for feedback!


Das hatte ich auch schon ein paar mal…


Do You want i answer You in Italian? lol


Reflect damage question, probably a stupid one.

Reflect Damage
** While not stunned, whenever this character is targeted by a regular attack, there is a chance of dealing 80% of the incoming damage back to the attacker. The odds is a flat percentage chance not affected by defense, attack, statuses or anything else. In the case that a Parting Shot attacker dies from the reflect damage, it won’t trigger Parting Shot on the target.**

So, when I’m attacked with a basic attack & a chance to reflect 80% of the damage back, does that mean

A: I get hit with just 20% & the other 80% is returned


B: I get hit with 100% & 80% goes back?

Also, unrelated note, what does the acronym OG mean on here?


Oh I didn’t know that burn and bleed ignores bonus HP.
That answers the question I had, where I’ve seen Erika dying with a full intact bonus HP bar during Faction Assault!


It is worth reading the whole OP start to finish at least once to get a handle on everything.


I am pretty sure I had Reflect Damage triggered by a stunned toon. It came from a mod it had, though, not weapon.


No. The mods are flat bonuses added after the leader skill, weapons, buffs, and debuffs are all taken into account with their respective multipliers.

Kinda deceptive, as those flat bonuses are visible right where the toons base stats should be, but that’s what Combatdevil said.

@Wanderer made a nice post showing the formula in that thread


You get hit by 100, and 80 is sent back.

OG is slang basically meaning Original, usually used to distinguish one of the many duplicate characters by referring to it as the first of that character. For example: OG green Shiva. There are 3 green Shivas, but the OG green Shiva had collateral damage, the 800% damage rush, and is now Ascendable.