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Maybe not, looks like all the devs vanished from the forums. Last @CombatDevIl reply was 8 days ago.


I’m assuming the best. The three IUGO musketeers have a very good track record and have earned some benefit of the doubt.


newb question…
the wording of lacerator is “whenever this character attacks”… i dont see a detailed explanation on the guide regarding how it works.

toon equipped with absdef or has guardian shield applied to it but already has an existing bleed status.

does the lacerator specialist skill trigger even if i dont deal any damage at all?


putting out an FaQ for new toons/specialist skills prior to releasing them for use on rdmaps wont hurt imo.


How could they do a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), if no one would have been able to test to have questions before release?


i think thats why games have RnD teams and beta tests for them to have an idea of questions that may arise as soon as the product is previewed.

Does Bleed Stack?

How many people think the bleed stacking will get nerfed after the release of the New Shiva in R&R?

You can have a Madison lead team with Barker and the New Shiva and get bleeds to insane level…


Could we ask the Oracle? She’d know before they were even asked.


“Whenever a character with lacerator attacks a character suffering from bleeding (hemorrhage included), it doubles the damage of that bleeding effect.”

“Whenever a lacerator attack’s”

This however does not work when commanding a character to attack a second time. It also does not work when a second shiva attacks an already lacerated character.

Sorry but I bought 2 shivas based on this description and really think this needs sorting out.


They will change text :joy::joy::joy:

Don’t have her, and she’s op, but she should work as you described according to Scopely wording.


Is an outlast character supposed to gain AP from retribution? Noticed this from the mod map and it was really annoying.


Sounds like it works the same way as Guardian.


Any chance for the Lacerator description and symbol to be added @Agrajag @CombatMan @CombatDevIl?

I could use both, please and thanks!


Crazy how they all stopped responding to this thread… Wonder if more people are leaving the company. No answers about Wanderers AR skill, scarey times…


Pulled for two based on them being able to proc each other, have I been michonned again? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You and me both buddy


I came across this in CRW

I didn’t think “great” chance to stun was available to players?


With Crit chance it has to be a percentage increase on a base chance not shown??? I have questioned support about this and the math of attacks. Got no responce.


Shield Garret on high level Survival Road has simular chance weapon. I have 5 stun guns. After many tries. If it can happen super rear. ( it can’t )



Why does Bleed take away from HP first when you have bonus HP?

This happens regularly on SR when you hit a walker that causes bleed.
Seems like not something that was intended.