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Have you run out their uses? Revive doesn’t refill Active Skill uses.


No I didn’t and they died stage 2 and I revive them and I couldn’t use their active skill it have twice once when I was wipe on a later stage too


How does reflect weapon and mod reflect work together. If I put reflect mod on Wyatt who already has reflect on his weapon. Does the weapon reflect first then the mod.

Also. Does the burn from mod stack w burn from ar attack.


I guess what I’m asking with the reflect. Is can Wyatt reflect 100% of the damage. Since his weapon does 80%. And appears that the mod can do a lot as well


@CombatDevIl SR zombies with reflect damage - If disarm Michonne hits them with a regular hit, can they reflect and kill her? If disarm Michonne hits with an AR, can they reflect and kill her?



Do mods apply twice when you trigger the double attack weapon special?

I am not referring to the adrenaline rushes, just the weapon special effect.


@CombatMan @CombatDevIl

Leech life when attacking weapons are broken

That hit should have recovered more than 1 hp



I’m not sure, but I’ve experienced some sort of bug with the anti-stun mod. I stunned a target with anti-stun mod for 2 turns, so the mod didn’t activated. In the next turn, I hit him again and the mod activated his effect, deactivating the stun condition. The target was supposed to be stunned one more turn, right?

I will try to reproduce what I’m saying, but could you verify this scenario too? I think this is a bug, if it occured the way above, since the resistence mods shouldn’t deactivate previous penalties.


Here it is. I was correct. I stunned Glenn and in the next turn stunned again. Then, the anti-stun mod was activated and Glenn was released from the stun penalty. In my opinion, this mod should break the second round of the new stun penalty, but the target should be stunned for one more turn, like before.

What do you think about this?

Resist Stun mods are broken

That doesn’t look right at all. Resisting stun should not negate the stun that is already in place.


Wow, tu viens d’où @Agrajag pour parler français? :smile:


I know the crit damage is 1.5x the amount.
But how works the crit set bonus (and mod) in this calculation.

Example : I got un full gold set of crit (+50% damage) with a +50% crit damage mod on my toon.
What will be the amount of a critical strike ?
1.5 +0.5 +0.5 = 2.5
1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 3.37
1.5 x (1+0.5+0.5) = 3

I guess this will be the first one, but i would be sure.
Thank you


Question regarding the new Shiva and her specialist skill.

Does the specialist skill stack?

Shiva uses her rush and an enemy toon gets 500 Bleed. Next turn Shiva attacks that guy, so the Bleed is doubled to 1000.
What if now I would command her to attack again? Or I had another Shiva attacking that toon. Will the Bleed be doubled again?


No it does not stack with command that way.
You can double double the dommage on the over toon, but not the same.


Does bleed counts as ‘damage’ for gaining AP (opponent)?


Ah okay. So a second Shiva would also not double the already doubled Bleed, right?

How does Bleed-Stacking work?
E. G. Barker rush applies 300 Bleed, then Shiva attacks and then another toon with 70 Bleed on the weapon.
Will we see 740 Bleed ((300+70)*2) or 670 (300 *2 +70).
In other words… does the doubling happen to the amount at the time of Shivas attack or is it applied at the end of the round?

AFAIK this is not the case.


She doubles the bleed amount when she attacks.
If her claw proc with that blow, the 400 are added to the doubled amount

E.G. :
Barker rushes : 300
Shiva attacks : 300 x 2 (+ 400 if prof) = 600 or 1000
Another toon : 670 or 1070


Ty Doc. Helps a lot :v:️:sweat_smile:


About a second Shiva in the group, i can’t confirm… yet :slight_smile:


Will Lacerator be added soon? @Agrajag