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Have you checked the min and max for this Gold Mod? You would see that 40% is not that low. Gold Mods for trait defense can vary between from 26% to 50%


So is it best to equip mods before upgrading


It doesn’t change the upgrade outcome.


Levels 5, 10, and 15 have a random amount of increase, all the other levels are a set amount. If you get the lower or lowest amount on all three of those random bumps, you get the “poor” result you are seeing.


Ok thanks much…I hate these mod wish they didn’t come about


Yeah its intended for them to be the same. Not sure why German is different. English they both say “when being attacked”.
Passed this on to the localization team to align the descriptions.


What would change the outcome? :stuck_out_tongue:

because the consensus floating around is that these mods are fully rolled up on receipt and their final outcome is determined EX. how many tries at upgrading each level, the roll for those 5,10,15 bonus amounts. So waiting to roll later earlier or equipped unequipped has no bearing.

If this is the case couldn’t you just put the scrap needed and final value on the mod faceplate. Why have the suspense sitting on a gold atk mod knowing it already rolled 3 bottom of the barrel bonus’s.

Not to mention the duplicate box thing that’s going on.


That was my reply to:


I understand, i’m still curious though lol. Could you tell us the odds of the bonus rolls? Like you do for bags and pulls now. How likely would it be to get the Maximum stat.

Because it seems real rare to get more than 1 high bonus roll. Most everyone i know has gotten bottom third of the range on 90% of their rolls.

The range is nice but for Gold mods it’s so wide there is a huge difference in strength between 40% and 75% resist for example. Maybe it just us max/min players that it’s driving nuts.


I dont know that stuff, it is all simulated server side.


Fair enough, thanks for responses.


J’ai deux questions concernant des effets de mods de combat.

  1. Est-ce que le renvoi de dégâts fait monter les points d’adrénaline de la cible recevant les dégâts renvoyés venant d’un effet d’arme ou de mod de combat ?

  2. Est-ce que la décapitation possède une résistance telle que la résistance à la réduction de soin venant d’un mod de combat ?

  1. oui
  2. il n’y a pas un mod avec résistance de décapitation


Merci. :slight_smile:


Does the trait dmg resist mods mitigate AR dmg or only basic attacks? And the greaze especial mod?


@CombatDevIl @Agrajag what about trait bonus does that apply to AR as well or just normal hits?


Trait resist mitigates AR dmgs too. Greaze not.

Applies during AR. Rule of thumb is all mods but Auxiliary ones apply for regular attacks and ARs, because they are passive ones.

As per 12.0 the only Auxiliary mods that apply during ARs are those that give Attack or Defence bonus having statuses e.g. Attack bonus while Taunt.


@CombatDevIl I noticed that when enemy is affected by burn/bleed from mods they gain extra AP Everytime the burn/bleed takes affect on them. Is this correct? If so is there a flat AP gain on enemy’s affected by those statues? Or is it depending on the ammount of damage received?


Actually they shouldn’t receive any AP for burn/bleed. I will test here.


I just tested here and they don’t receive any AP from Burn/Bleed. Could you get a video of this issue?

Burn mods in store
Lacerator Shiva Video!

With this new roadmap my shiva and Wyatt was kill and when I revive them I can’t use their active skill again is this a bug ??