:alert: :tough: :fast: :strong: Combat Reference Guide [Updated w/ Weapon Effects]



Bonus HP (the blue HP bar) is only relative to whatever Max HP the character has in combat (including reduction from Maim).


So if a character had 30% max HP remaining, and 30% bonus HP, would it be counted as 60%, or 30%?


I believe the weapon effect would only check the ‘real’ hp. @CombatDevIl would have the code to verify though


Yes, healing percentage is based on real HP, it doesn’t take into account bonus HP.


Bronze stage Sr negan parting shot just wiped my maxed tyreese I’ve never had this before and looking at leader board in my region looks like a few others have had this well, I know the reflect walkers but never had a negan do this or has anyone else had this happen before


They have reflect as well. So you reflected damage .


Can we discuss the new mod effects in this thread too? I hope so…

According to the description, we have mods, that are comparable to weapon effects, but the trigger condition sounds different.
E.g. reflect damage mod says it is triggering “on damage”
Can you please explain as detailed as possible, which events will trigger this effect?
Is this mod triggered the same way as the weapon mod (description wrong) or how is this different appart from the fact that blue michonne and bruce will still trigger these effects?


It triggers as the weapon effect does (there is a chance only on regular attacks, not ARs), save that they aren’t weapons, so Disarm Specialists don’t prevent them.


If they trigger the same way, it would be cool if the trigger text would be the same as the one of weapon effects.
At least in german they are different.


So to make it clear for me. Graze will then also reduce damage only from “on attack” events. It will not be triggered by rush, bleeding, … Effects?



@Agrajag could you check it, please?


Question when upgrading these mod and it fails one or two times does that lower the percentage??


AFAIK, no. I am not 100% sure, though. It is a server side question.


I got a gold defense vs tough mod and it’s max at level 15 but I only got 40% so shouldn’t it be higher


Level 5, 10 and 15 upgrades are randomly generated within range values.

Ah, now I get what you asked. Answer is No.


So shouldn’t it be higher since it’s a gold mod ??


You didn’t properly pray to RNGesus during the upgrade. It’s a real kick to get the low side of the range on all three bumps.


It could be, but not necessary have to.


So why was it so low ?? Or was it because I didn’t equip it to any character before I upgrade it ??


The real benefit to gold mods is the set bonus. I have a few I will never level, but will still use for that reason alone.