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Issue found. :sunglasses:


@CombatDevIl When did this change? The pic I posted was from Dash on the old forums in the FAQ when Ascendance was rolled out.


It never changed. He was mistaken :confused:


As always, thanks.


Is a weapon status effects chances effected by the level of opponent you face?

I do not believe luck explains why an entire team is stunned when I attack a character with a stun weapon but not reflected when the opponent team attacks a character with a stun weapon.


Is that the ascendance medal roadmap? Those weapons have a “greater” chance to cause th effect. Player weapons only have a “better” chance.
The weapons on that roadmap and a few others (Bruce/michone disarm) are the same as the SR ones.
A few updates ago they reduced the amount of words on the 3rd slot of weapons so they no longer say better or greater. I’m pretty sure anyway


No, weapon odds are fixed.


this is correct

if this is true i was unaware of this change and will look into the reasons why it was made. Shouldn’t be taking existing info away if we dont have to for some other good reason.


Right now, during a raid the dossiers show this

Before it would show the the full description ( the same as you see in your weapon inventory). IIRC this change happened at the same time that there was the mixup with the 8% ap description, which I believe was altered to say gives ap except on round 1.

Edit. The thread I was referring to

Perhaps they were caught in the crossfire also


I missed that whole thread, WOW, good thing that was fixed. I’m also not a fan of the new limited battle text for weapons


I know burn isn’t supposed to stack, so I found this interesting in a raid earlier

Not sure if it’s a common occurrence with Yumiko as I’ve just started using her, but haven’t managed to duplicate it since.


Known issue which has been fixed for 12.0 :slight_smile:


So it appears in game weapons have a more powerful variant then what players can get? I guess that makes sense in a way.


What do you mean?


I’m assuming the weapon effects from roadmap enemies. Get stunned, impaired, etc more often from those than players’ weapons.


If a weapon has two buffs in separate slots, are they applied independently, or additive, respective to the weapon?


Have a screenshot of said case? There should never be the case where a weapon has 2 special abilities or 2 of the same effect.


Do slot 1 and 3 make a 65% increase to attack (assuming HP > 60%), or are they applied one at a time?


yeah, in that case they’d be the more potent scenario of
x 1.3 x 1.35


One more question. Are base HP and bonus HP treated independently when calculating a percentage, or are they additive?