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For HP, Atk and Def stacking from different sources are:

(base * leader * weapon * territory * temp bonuses) + mods (notice that mods only give flat bonuses, not percentage).

temp bonuses do not stack but from specialist skill or by using action Defend.


Sounds like it could be both before or after really. If I remember Yugioh terminology correctly, a counter trap card is usually activated prior the the enemy’s action actually taking place.


A counter attack can be in response to an attempted attack, hence lightning reflexes, it is a counter to your attack but they are faster and complete the counter before you complete the initial attack. A good example would be boxing, if someone opens themselves up with a hook a boxer may counter with an uppercut from that side and land it before the hook can land with force.



I have no idea what’s going on there!


That’s a reasonable explanation.


Should 6* Alert Rosita be using her rush if everyone is at full health, and not impaired or stunned?

@CombatMan @CombatDevIl


She probably should be, because her rush is a two turn heal I believe. I think the AI of the game would want to use the rush because it knows that someone on its team will inevitably take damage.


I’m pretty sure strictly healing/curing AR aren’t supposed to trigger unless they will have an effect. I see your point regarding the second turn, but at lvl 1, her rush doesn’t have that property.


@CombatDevIl is it even possible for the AI to use the Active Skill of a Human Shield specialist? They’re always going to have AR ready or be able to shield, so AS would never get utilized, correct?


Actually, AS has precedence over Defend. So, shield 6* might use their AS like any other 6*.
AI priority is:
AS with some rolling
Defend with appropriate Specialist Skill rules
Regular Attack

If her AR is up to level 2, no. After that, yes, because of what @LoneRogue said.


She’s using it at lvl 1 on auto vs walkers.


Hmm, I will test here and check the issue. thanks


No sir…


Whats the idea behind having active skill be an RNG roll? Wouldn’t it make for more intuitive team building and defense to be like oh hey my team is exploited using this mechanic routinely, maybe this character would help with his cure XYZ active skill on my defense.

Command is already enough of an RNG roll and doesn’t always trigger ARs when they are full, seems like any sort of strategy you can hope for on defense is maybe half the time it will do what i want it to.


Designers asked for that because as AS has cap uses and on high levels can have pretty low cooldown, it was triggering too much.

Command doesn’t have any RNG involved. AI uses it whenever any previous teammate that attacked filled up their AR with that Attack or have an Execution teammate able to use its Specialist Skill.


I think he meant its random the order people attack, which would effect the AR fill, so a command doesn’t always attack last. but that’s not really rng.


Ah I see. well, that’s true. Attack sequence is random but the first turn.


Does execution overrule any other skill, So it someone was down to 20% but had an absolute defence weapon or reflect etc, would execution negate these special stats?


Execution bypasses AD, but it can be reflected.