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@CombatDevIl there was a pretty comprehensive post on the old forums that explained buff stacking and how ti worked. Now that the old forums post is inaccessible, is there any way you can get the information posted here?


I don’t know if the old forum’s threads are gone for good, maybe @kalishane knows the answer and how it could be bring to here.


Could probably write it pretty easily.

She’s referring to the

Active Stat =
Base Stat * (1+LM) * (1+WM) * (1+AB) * (1+AD)

LM: leader modifier
WM: weapon modifier
AB: active boost
AD: active Deboost

If new stat boost is higher than current AB it will always replace AB.

If new Stat boost is lower than current AB no change will occur.

Yada yada


Haven’t paid attention but I thought the indomitable skill was 1.3+1.3+1.3 not 1.3x1.3x1.3… I’ll have to check be back shortly. Wording is the same so this peaked my interest.

Nope it’s currently 1.3^n

Was it always like this? For some reason this seems different. I don’t recall hunters climbing as quickly but it’s been eons.


It’s always been compounded. Aren’t you in my Line groups? It gets even better but i’m not explaining right now.


Behind the curtains that was always like that, but UI was wrong, we fix the UI a couple versions ago.


Sanity restored. Thank you kind sir.

@CombatDevIl for Supreme Overlord of the United Countries of Earth (UCOE)


Thanks, dood.


@CombatDevIl @agrajag @CombatMan

Is there a cap on how much AP one character can receive via “20% AP to a random” weapons? I have 5, and noticed that Rick gets 56/66 (~85%) instead of 100%, and this is at the start of a wave in which he is the only character whose AR isn’t charged, i.e., he has 0 AP. Thanks.


With the new mods on the horizon, I think it is time that you guys finally reveal the math behind critical hits, so that we can make well informed decisions. Pretty please.


“20% to one other team member”, so Rick cannot give himself 20%.


If someone were to do something crazy and replace Legendary Michonne’s Confuse on attack with Splash damage, would she disarm multiple targets?


No, Specialist Skill on attack only affects the first target. However, Decapitate can do that if kills multiple targets with Splash Damage.


Too bad that’s only a Red weapon trait :frowning:


Carl was splitting pain with Wyatt, who died in the previous turn. Now looks like Carl is still splitting pain. Is it a bug?


It looks like, we are gonna investigate, Thanks, @Thalia_V.


Reproed the issue. Thanks for posting.


I won’t name my source, but this old post has been tracked down (thank you!) I’ll post it in the Library in Line for reference as well.


Was on the receiving end of this for the first time today. As well as being highly annoying, not to say, deadly, the pedant in me doesn’t like the effect’s description!

A counterattack takes place AFTER the original attack. The effect as described is more of an Ambush. Anyway, makes it pretty difficult to take on Tier 6 Negan in Faction Assault. Teams relying on AR effects are toast.


@CombatDevIl asking about buff stacking again. I can see that combat mods are added after leader and weapon bonuses are calculated. What about buffs? Will the calculation be (base * leader * weapon * buff) + mod or [(base * leader * weapon) + mod] * buff? FWIW, buffs don’t appear to be included in the stats that appear when you long-press a character in combat or I’d figure it out myself :slight_smile: