:alert: :tough: :fast: :strong: Combat Reference Guide [Updated w/ Weapon Effects]



Will add to my faction chat. Thanks!


Is that issue logged and on a list to be fixed soon? Who should I tag and follow up with on that issue? It’s a real problem for me as I set something up relying on that and it’s not working like it’s supposed to


Well it is working as it’s supposed to. It was designed not to heal self. There is an issue logged to change how the design is so that it can heal self, though, with no time frame on when it will be changed.


Well thank you for that info now I can be sure to not pull for any future lighten reflex characters :slight_smile:


Yup truly limiting to the point of it being nearly useless. Would totally have been suckered thinking a stun, double atk, or other weapon could have completely made this an amazing ability.


??? Nada tiene que ver…pero qué pasa con Tara?? 7*?


Is this 11.0 public beta or 10.0?


The Tara ascendance bug is on live public update (if that’s what you’re referring too)

I have it also.


What region are you on?


I’m in Sumter

I just checked my Tara museum collection and it seems to have been fixed

I did take a screenshot yesterday though


Cool :slight_smile:
I think there may have been a minor cloud data discrepancy yesterday when 11.0 was rolling out to beta but if its resolved now thats good to hear


Yeah, it’s been showing the extra ascendance star for ages, just randomly resolved hahha. Thanks anyway @Agrajag :slight_smile:


How does he have 44% when he gets 20% for each damage?


(1.2)^2 is the math.


I see. Thank you!


:berserk: needs to be added to the beginning of the Specialist Skill list


@Agrajag ^


If a toon is under the effect of focus, and attacks an opponent with elusive, do they gain ap like normal? And the same if a focused toon gets attacked by an enemy with elusive?



and no.


oki doki :slight_smile: